Purple Iris Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Decorations | June 18 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

If you are captivated of purple color in general, why not opt for a superb stunning purple wedding bouquet! Very in vogue and also popular among other types of modern colors for wedding flowers and bouquets, purple is one of the most striking, unique, charming and winning colors that exist.

If you are not aware of the grandeur and splendor of the purple in matters of symbolic meanings and significations, we can help you love even more the purple color. In ancient beliefs, purple was considered a color of majesty, royalty, power, influence, wealth, strength, imperativeness and eternity. In other different cultures, purple is considered a mystic color that stands for spirituality, meditation, magic, mystery, innocence, inspiration, flame, truth and faith.

In our modern days, a purple wedding bouquet is definitely viewed as a symbol of prosperity, affection, sophistication, refinement, naturalness, attractiveness, sensuality, femininity, intrigue, uniqueness, originality, mystic love, class, elegance and style.

You don’t have to plan a whole wedding following this theme, if we are to observe how purple can combine in a very unique and easy way with different other colors, such as: yellow, white, cream, beige, chocolate brown, champagne, maroon, lime green, olive green, forest grass green, navy blue, aqua blue, turquoise, hot pink, pale pink, fuchsia, coral, antique orange, eggplant, magenta, burgundy or black.

Therefore, you can plan a white modern simple wedding and add some bursts of vibrant purple colors here and there, such as in wedding bouquets and décor arrangements, just to lift up the atmosphere and make it more sleek, select, dainty and stylish. Among the most popular today purple wedding flowers that brides can incorporate into a special wedding bouquet are: lavender, iris, lilacs, hyacinths, pansies, hydrangeas, roses, tulips, gladiolas, freesias, carnations, gerbera daises, calla lilies, vandal orchids or violets.

If you want a very unique, eye-catchy and outstanding two-toned purple wedding bouquet, you can go with a charming purple iris wedding bouquet. Iris is a superb flower that comes in two shades of purple or blue with yellow. Purple combines excellent with yellow, so why not benefit of the fact that you can find both these shades in the same flower!

A purple iris wedding bouquet can be a majestic and inspiring choice for those who are planning a simple and yet refined, delicate, organic and natural touch wedding. You should keep the arrangement simplistic, loose and graceful, in order to obtain a very adorable natural look. Simple and casual hand tied purple iris wedding bouquets can make a great choice for modern simple and trendy weddings. Wrap the bouquet with beaded taffeta and other jeweled materials for a more glamorous and sparkling and brightening appearance or with rustic ropes or country style strings for a more authentic look.11