Purple And White Wedding Decorations

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Using a two color combination will also create a contrast and will make your wedding decorations stand out. You could opt for red and black, white and pink and purple and white. There are lots of decorations you could use that have purple and white colors. For instance choose some white candles next to some purple flowers.

The flowers you choose can be silk ones which will save you a lot more money and they are very easy to arrange. The candled could be votives or pillar candles. You may also arrange a lovely chandelier using some purple flowers and these pillar candles. It will give your table a very elegant and sophisticated look. You may also try some purple and white pictures frames. You could choose to embellish the frame with some white and purple rhinestones which will surely add that extra shine to your table centerpieces. Use a picture of the two of you and there you have it.

126328 purple and white wedding decorations 2 Purple And White Wedding Decorations

Purple And White Wedding Decorations (Source: weddingpartycenterpieces.com)

Some simple yet very personalized decorations. Do the same with some wine bottles which you can decorate or some simple jars. These rhinestones and colored gems can simple be glued onto the glass and then you can add some flowers, candy or whichever other adornments you find suited. Baking some miniature cakes to use as your edible centerpieces would also work. Try a white icing and then some purple ribbons, flowers or hearts as decorations.

126328 purple and white wedding decorations Purple And White Wedding Decorations

Purple And White Wedding Decorations (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

The cakes could be ordered online if you don’t have the time to bake them yourself. Play around with some colored candies as well. Make some candy trees simply out of these two color combinations. Or add some delicious white lollipops and use some purple colored containers in which you can store the candy. There are plenty of choices and not all of them have to be floral ones. You could easily come up with some non-floral decorations and still have some amazing adornments. Hang some butterflies from the ceiling or add some feathers to embellish the entryways. Play around with the colors so that in the end your location looks perfect.



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