Purple And Lime Green Wedding Flowers

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If you want something fresh but also luxurious for your wedding you can choose two colors for the flowers for example lime green that will give you all the energy you want and will catch all the attention and purple which is associated with luxury. The lime was recorded as a color in 1905 and has different shades: electric lime, lime and lime green.
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Lime is the most visible color on the spectrum so is used in different purposes for attracting attention from distance. So if you want to attract all the attention lime green flowers for your bridal bouquet and for the ceremony and reception arrangements. Purple will calm the brightness of lime color and will create a beautiful effect and will add a note of distinction and elegance to your wedding. Purple flowers are great in combination with lime green color for both the bridal bouquet and centerpieces.

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Flowers

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The lime green flowers you can use: Mint green roses, Green dendrobium orchids, Kangaroo paw in a yellow green color. Mini Hydrangea , Green Goddess Calla Lilies / Mini Calla Lilies, Green amaranthus, Green anthurium, Chrysanthemum – kermit green / Yoko Ono Pom, Cymbidium Orchids , Shamrock blooms , Viburnum , Eucalyptus leaves they smell gorgeous. You can combine them with purple lilac for spring weddings, purple lilies and purple calla lilies for bridal bouquet, purple orchids for tropical theme weddings, with purple hybiscus for Hawaiian theme wedding.

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For the reception tables you can make arrangements from Moluccella laevis known as Bells of Ireland. They provide interesting greenery when used in flower arrangements, or can add a modern look when used on its own. 5-7 stems can be used for the cocktail lounge area of your reception. You can find them all year especially in spring and they are not expensive. Another green flower you can use for the reception tables: Kermit or pom pom mums. For the bridal bouquet you can choose the classical roses. Green roses are rare and symbolize calm, fertility and fruitfulness. The existence of green roses dates back to the mid-1800 and they are the symbol of nature, life and abundant growth. The purple rose is a majestic and royal symbol signifying enchantment and love at first sight.

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Flowers

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Flowers from stadiumflowers.files.wordpress.com

If you want something more exotic choose green orchids for your bridal bouquet. The green orchid is the symbol of life, of rare and delicate beauty. They provide a glamorous support in arrangements and bouquets. Purple orchids are delicate and exotic. You can select a bridal bouquet made from purple and green orchids. Green orchids are a symbol of health, prosperity, harmony and rejuvenation. Green orchids will create a hopeful and feminine bridal bouquet that will portray youthfulness and delicacy. This flower is highly durable lasting in great conditions for months. Viridiflora Tulips known as green tulip will look great in your bridal bouquet.

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