Punjabi Wedding Songs Lyrics

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It is a common knowledge that Punjabi weddings are run in a celebration of color, singing, and dancing. It is the time in the life of a couple when endless fun and entertaining programs are performed next to the emotional moments that a wedding celebration includes. And due to the presence of many different events meant to be inserted in the unfolding of a Punjabi wedding, such emotional moments are lavishly represented by relevant music background. And as such one can meet a diversity of songs appropriate for each event displayed inside the wedding atmosphere.
As a wedding couple and as a guest as well you see yourself carried through an entire range of emotions, starting from having fun to the emotional moments of spiritual blessing, encompassing also nostalgic feelings of a little girl leaving the parental house and the sadness of her parents having to let her go. This set of emotions is emphasized by Punjabi wedding songs lyrics, these ones being the ones that are carefully selected in order to give the song the specific relevance. These traditional wedding songs are normally taken out of the national folklore music and interpreted by famous singers precisely for their accuracy in depicting the human emotions related to such an important event in a life of a couple: the wedding celebration.


Some of these famous singers are Romey Gill, Hardev Mahinangal, Ranjit Kaur, Mohommad Sadiq. They are involved in entertaining the guests at the wedding events as the songs they are playing are emotionally depicting the human feelings in regard to the unfolding of this special event, and because the Punjabi weddings last more than one day, they extend on the duration of minimum three days, the atmosphere has to be filled with the sound of Punjabi songs and as such with their Punjabi wedding songs lyrics.

In fact, the Punjabi wedding is basically the same displaying of the act of a marriage that is meant to connect a couple for the rest of their lives. The way of extending this event for more than one day is due to the traditional ancestral way of celebrating such an event with rituals involved, each of the ritual being accompanied by the specific song, not to mention the colors involved in the presence of the traditional costumes, with red being the predominant one. Red, the color of passionate love, of dedication and commitment as well.

If you happen to participate at one of these special celebrations, as much as you are not familiar with the language you will be surprised of learning so much merely from the presence of music accompanied by dancing with symbolic gestures that are performed in a manner which allows everybody attending to comprehend the message of the song, and as such of the event unfolded in front of your eyes.


Some of these songs that are performed inside a Punjabi wedding festivity are: Laathe Dee Chadar, Poochdi Poochdi Malan, Vatna De, Aj Din Bhaaga Wala, Sarke Sarke Jaandi and many others. I would have loved to find some lyrics available next to the displaying of these songs, but from all the other Punjabi love songs, I know that young men have a high appreciation for their girls, considering them to be even more beautiful than the nature itself. The feeling of love and the passion burning inside are the main features captured in the lines of Punjabi songs, that is the reason why these songs are successfully introduced in the atmosphere of a wedding celebration; and if a wedding is not about love, then what is?11

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