Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings represent the symbols that are brought in the big picture of a wedding ceremony to reflect the love and commitment of a couple that decided to unite their lives in the act of marriage. They appear in the wedding’s process the moment the wedding couple is exchanging the vows and beliefs toward their future life as husband and wife. Wedding rings come with the print of eternity, sealing the holy matrimony in the shape of two jewelry pieces that are designed to best describe the love and the desire of sharing that populate the souls of the wedding couple.
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Long before the problem of wedding rings is being raised, there is the engagement ring which is seen as the preliminary symbol of the event that is about to take place in a short or maybe a little bit delayed time, the latter being not preferred, since women after receiving the engagement ring are more than ever anxious to get sooner involved in their promised wedding ceremony. The engagement ring in its symbolism often prepares the set for the upcoming event through its design which sometimes is selected to have similarities with the future wedding ring. In this case many brides choose to wear on the same left ring finger the wedding ring first and on top of it the engagement ring.

But actually what is the proper wear of wedding rings? Are there any rules set in regard to this matter? Many couples think that the best is to wear on the right ring finger the engagement ring for the left ring finger, which is considered to be connected closer to the heart, to have room for the wedding ring. Men don’t have any issue in this matter, though there may be fiancés to wear engagement men rings, to be in the same spirit with their fiancées. If it were for me I would say that wearing the wedding ring alone on the left ring finger is a better choice than wearing both the engagement and the wedding rings on the same finger.

Though some may think that the engagement ring is more significant in that it settles the feelings for the beloved one and determines the fiancé to take a decision into proposing his beloved, let us not forget that unfortunately there are cases where an engagement isn’t necessary ending with a wedding. In this respect I see the wedding ring as the most important symbol in the couple’s life, since it seals the act of marriage in the moment of exchanging the vows of love, of dedication, of faithfulness, of commitment, of respect, of cherish, all these in front of a priest who is considered the messenger of God who speaks His holy words through him.

But again everybody is free to choose the manner to proper wear the wedding ring and maybe it is the best to let themselves go with the intuition and the real feelings that fill their enthusiasm in the wedding day and keep it this way for their future life as a couple.11

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