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Being selected one of the three bridesmaids of your best friend’s wedding event, you are the one to come up with the idea of organizing a wedding shower. Caught up in the process of the wedding planning, all the other friends have almost forgotten about this event that has to take place at least one month prior to the wedding event. So, you reach for the online bridal web sites to look for ideas to organize this shower which you wanted initially to be in the format of a bridal shower where only you, the friends, gather and some female members of the bride’s family for the given party.

But the other bridesmaids didn’t agree, they want to invite also the males supposed to attend to the wedding celebration, and as such you end up inviting couples and of course the bridal shower finally turned into a wedding shower. Meant to be a surprise for the wedding couple, the shower needs to be secretly announced to the rest of the participants and in this respect you continue your research for printable free wedding shower invitations that have to be related to the theme of the party.

Finding ideas for this shower party isn’t very hard as the web pages are loaded with events planners to offer their services through consultations meeting or there are lots of tips delivered online that can get you real source of inspiration regarding the theme of the wedding shower. The theme or the tone of the shower is very important since the creation of the wedding shower invitations depends a lot on it. The event itself is also a good source of inspiration as well if you consider that a wedding is about love, commitment, sharing all these being concluded by the act of marriage, the one that settles the basis for a family, a home and everything that relates to it.

Once you have the theme of the party you can tailor the printable free wedding shower invitations according to this theme. Customizing the invitations is a great way to print the personal style of the people involved in the preparations of the wedding shower and as such you can find a blank template of an invitation, download it, create a design that represents the best the theme using a graphic design program available on your PC, then write the wording that includes the details – names of the bride and groom, date, time, place of the wedding shower.

Making various statements inside the required wording should be the ones to reflect the theme or the tone of the party and if there is a special request to be made on behalf of the organizers, such as to keep the party event as a sealed secret, then it should be also mentioned in the wording of the invitation. Planning a wedding shower is a task that asks for a lot of imagination, if you want it to be something unforgettable both for the invitees and the wedding couple as well, and because of this you should put all your efforts in order to obtain something that is meant to honor the decision of a couple to get married and settle for a life of commitment and new challenging experiences.11

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