Popular Group Dance Songs For Wedding Parties

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Weddings are joyous events celebrated with a lot of fast and many special moments. Every couple wants their wedding to be unique and memorable and they choose to customize it according to their taste and personality. And nowadays there are plenty of options to beautify a wedding.

Music is an important part of a successful wedding. A nice way to get your wedding guests on the dance floor is to play some good and fun group dance songs and invite them to interact with each other.

Group dances are danced by groups of people simultaneously, as opposed to couples dancing together and are generally coordinated in such a way that all the individuals are dancing the same steps simultaneously.

If you don’t know the steps of a group dances, surf the Internet who has plenty of information, tips and even videos of such dances. Here are several of the most requested and popular group dance songs that you can play to animate your wedding party:

Electric Slide– This is a four wall line dance claimed by choreographer Ric Silver, who is considered to have invented this dance.

YMCA– This is a dance on the famous song played by the Village People. In this dance people will be doing the dance by forming the  four letters with their bodies. You create the Y by standing straight and extending the arms over the head, the M by bringing the hands together on top of the head while the backs of the fingers are touching, the C by bringing the left arm down by your side and A by bringing the arms back up over thehead and bending the elbows.

Hora- This is a traditional Jewish dance. People rotate in a circle holding hands and steping to the side by passing the left foot behind the right one.

Sadie Hawkins– This is a dance where girls are asking the guys they like to dance with them. The guys may say yes or no. Good Luck girls!

The Bunny Hop– This is a novelty dance created at Balboa High School in 1952. The dancers go in a line, holding on to the person in front of them and tapping the floor two times with the right and left foot. After tapping, they hop forwards, backwards and three hops forward and so on till the end of the song.

The Conga Line– This is a Cuban march that became popular in the USA in the 1930s. The dance has three shuffle steps and a kick slightly ahead on the fourth beat.

The Cupid Shuffle- This is considered to be the best dance ever. You must step four times to the left and four to the right and then kick the right and then the left leg and walk in place by turning to the right.

Macarena– this is a Spanish song by Los Del Rios and has simple movement especially with the hands. You can watch the video of the song to learn the dance.

The Chicken Dance– This is a very funny dance where the dancers flap their arms and kick back their feet imitating a chicken.

The Cha-Cha Slide– The steps of this dance are fun and simple. It contains some steps from the Latin Cha-Cha dance.

The Cotton Eyed Joe– This is a danceable country song by Rednex with nice country dance line steps.

Other options to consider are: Mambo no. 5, The Irish Jig, The Alligator Dance, The Smallest With The Tallest, The Hokey Pokey Dance. Sprinkle your wedding with special and funny moments.11

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