Popular Filipino Songs for Your Wedding

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Interested in the Filipino wedding customs and music? Let’s find out more about their traditions concerning marriage.

In the Philippines we can find a lot of customs and rituals that start from the marriage proposal. The traditional marriage proposal in the Philippines is called the pamanhikan or the “parental marriage proposal“. It’s a formal way of asking the parents of the future bride for her hand.

The groom to be and his parents go to the future bride’s home with gifts of food or other items. Once the proposal accepted, are discussed the wedding plans, the date of the wedding, the budget and the list of guests. Usually, the family of the groom pays all expenses for the wedding.

After the pamamanhikan, comes the pa-alam or the “wedding announcement visitations” when the couple goes to their relatives homes to inform them about the latter of their status as a couple and their wedding schedule. During these visits, the couple delivers their wedding invitations.

The traditional Filipino wedding ceremony includes the celebration of one-hour long mass. The groom arrives one hour earlier than the bride in order to receive the wedding guests at the church. The bride arrives later in a wedding car to meet her waiting groom at the church. Then, the future groom and the bride perform the bridal procession also called the wedding march. The bride holds an heirloom rosary together with her bridal bouquet.

The groom wears the Barong Tagalog, together with the male attendants, but nowadays wealthy people opt for the Western attire such as a tuxedo. In the Philippines it’s bad luck to hold two weddings by two siblings within the same year. This is called Sukob. The wedding rings dropping to the ground is also considered bad luck. Money are usually taped or pinned to the groom and bride’s wedding attire during their first wedding dance.

For the wedding reception, it is a custom to use a pair of white male and female doves in a white cage hanging from the ceiling. Te cage is to be easily opened by pulling ribbons or cords. The doves are the symbol of marital harmony and peace. The person who catches the doves after they are released may take them home as pets. It’s not a common practice for the Filipina bride to toss her bouquet. As alternatives, the bride proffers her bouquet to the Virgin Mary, to a patron saint, or she places it over the grave of a deceased family member or relative.

Speaking about the most popular Filipino wedding songs you can take into consideration the following ones:

Best Wishes (Wedding Love Songs Collection) by Martin Nievera.

This is a CD containing special arrangements for the wedding sung by Filipino artist Martin Nievera. Below you have the list of the songs on the compilation:

The Promise

You Are My Song


Of All the Things


Anything for You

You’re My Everything

With You


Promise of Love


True Love

Never Say Goodbye

Stay With Me


In Your Eyes

Love Is Stronger Far Than We

You can also consider several songs by Regine Velasquez such as: You are my song, Pangako, Tanging mahal, Hanggang ngayon, Pangarap ko ang ibigin ka, Sa piling mo. Sarah Geronimo also has some  good love songs: Carry my love, Ala ala mo, I’ll be here and Kahit na.11

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