Popular Christian Wedding Songs from Steven Curtis Chapman

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Looking for a good Christian singer? Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the most important and best known singers and songwriters of Christian music.

Chapman turned to be one of the most prominent singers in the genre, with more than 20 albums till present. Chapman is also a five-time Grammy winner and a 56 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards winner, more than any artist in history with songs covered by many famous Christian artists such as Sandi Patti, Casting Crowns and Michael Smith.

Let’s see some of his most important and meaningful songs to consider for your wedding reception and ceremony.

I Will Be Here

This Christian love song was not intended to be a wedding song, but is commonly used because the beautiful lyrics fit the occasion. This is a song from Chapman’s gospel album More to This Life.

Go There With You

This is a really nice song to dedicate to your future spouse because it is a good description of your feelings.

“No matter how deep a valley you go through, I will go there with you.”

Parents’ Prayer

This is a very touching and tear-jerking Christian song about the feelings of the parents for their children getting married. This is a song which is ideal for the father-daughter mother-son dance.

“I guess we have always known that a day like this one would come
When our children would leave us and begin to build a home of their own
But one thing we don’t know is how to place them back in your arms again.”

We belong together

This is a very nice and funny song if you want something unique and offbeat for your first wedding dance. The song was also used for the famous Tarzan and Jane. It shows how much you and your future spouse complete each other.

“I am Tarzan, you are Jane/ I am the night, and you are the day
We’re like sunshine and rain/ We’re so different from each other
You are woman, I am man/ You’re the sea, and I am the land
And I would not be who I am/ If I didn’t have you.”

I’ll take care of you

This is a beautiful dedication of love and commitment for your spouse to be.

“I’ll take care of you, don’t be sad, don’t be blue
I’ll never break your heart in two, I’ll take care of you.”

Listen to our Hearts

This is a worship song about the love for one another and the love for God who makes all possible with faith.

“How do you explain, how do you describe,
A love that goes from east to west and runs and deep as it is wide?”

No greater Love

This is an amazing testimony of love reaching beyond our own comprehensive. It’s a powerful ballad with strong strings and touching lines.

“There is no greater love than this/ There is no greater gift that can ever be given
To be willing to die so another might live/ There is no greater love than this.”


Cinderella celebrates the love of a daddy and his little princess, the blessings of childhood, family, love and life. Each moment we have to spend with our beloved ones is a priceless blessing from above. This is one of the prettiest and saddest songs, perfect for the father-daughter dance.

“So I will dance with Cinderella, while she is here in my arms

I don’t want to miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight and she’ll be gone…”


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