Poinsettia Wedding Bouquets

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Many brides and grooms choose a day during the cold seasons for their wedding. This is especially the case of those who love Christmas holidays and wish to spend their big day around this big date. Chances are you will be able to book your wedding precisely on a Christmas day are not very high. But if you do try to make this choice early in the process of planning your wedding you have bigger hopes to obtain it. The truth is that popular holidays are very expensive when interpreted as wedding dates.

The venues are always full and expensive during this time of the year. But you should not feel discouraged. If this is your wedding dress, then you should do anything in your power to obtain perfect results. We love winter brides because they are very glamorous and sensual. The red color is the color of winter, at least in what it may concern the romantic type or bride. She always prefers red over white, although many winter brides decide to go for a red & white wedding theme. You can use red as an accent and white for the background.

Poinsettia Wedding Bouquets

Poinsettia Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar)

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The contrast between these two hues is gorgeous anyway. There are a lot of sparkles and snowflakes going on, as well as a lot of warm nuances and cozy moments during a winter wedding. We especially love poinsettias. These unique flowers are so specific for winter events that we can’t even think of a different species for a winter bride’s bouquet. Poinsettias are beautiful red flowers with a rich appeal, texture and color. Poinsettia flowers are ideal for Christmas weddings as they bloom only during this period. This is the most impressive quality of poinsettias. What more could a bride wish for her winter holiday themed wedding? You can find these blooms in abundance during the winter holiday season. And this means that you will be able to save a lot of money by purchasing dozens of blooms.

You can use poinsettias for your bouquet and for the groom’s boutonniere. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to insert a few in the centerpieces or décor. We have a think for the arrangements that contain roses and poinsettias. These two types of flowers make a fabulous mix, especially when used in red and white or only in one of these hues. If you want to obtain a fascinating bouquet for your wedding, combine crimson poinsettias with milky white rose blooms. For the tables, you can change the style and create mismatched centerpieces. Get creative and alternate roses and poinsettias the way you want. You have plenty of time to experiment. For a less holiday-like appearance, use white poinsettias.


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