Plus Size Colored Wedding Gowns

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Not long time before, being a plus size woman was kind of frustrating in regard to the gowns to wear especially for different social events one was invited to attend, but nowadays with fashion houses that release models for all types of body sizes and shapes is not that hard to get a ready-made outfit to match your plus sizes of your body. I remember that 20 year ago, my mother had to attend to a wedding celebration and because she had gained some weight due to the last pregnancy she saw herself compelled to create her own dress – lucky her that she had some guidance patterns helpful in her designing and sewing the dress for the given occasion.

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But today you do not need to worry too much in case you are a bride-to-be who has gained some extra pounds that make you look different than the photo-models depicted in the images of fashion parades either live on the screen of your TV or on the Internet web pages to belong to the fashion designers creations. A lot of brides-to-be can find inside these web pages, bridal collections that include possibilities of having the orders made according to their own body sizes and shapes and in case the orders exceed the sizes available on the web page, then customization is also possible.

So, you have decided to have your wedding in the season of fall and in this regard knowing that white is the color that enlarges the shapes, from the overall’s appearance point of view, you have reached the conclusion to wear a plus size colored wedding gown that will make you look slimmer if not from the design’s point of view at least from the color’s choice maybe it would do. And there you are reaching for the online colored wedding dresses and trying to figure out the color that matches with both your fall themed wedding and your desire to look slimmer.

The fact that you will have to wear the dress only for one day is a reason for you to embrace the idea of a plus size colored wedding gown, the one which you come across while doing the research. It is a maroon colored dress made of organza with a fitted strapless bodice embellished with white beaded embroidery representing floral motifs, the same white floral decoration incorporated in the shape of metal brooches being the ones to pin the ruffles of the bell-shaped skirt.

It is a colored wedding gown very special in its appearance, due to the rich embellished corseted bodice and the richness of the ruffled skirt; the moment you try it on you realize that actually your plus size shapes are beautifully hidden by the elegant shape of the skirt and your waist is indeed sensually outlined by the corset which confers at the same time a cozy feeling while wrapping the plus size format of your chest. Now your confidence is regained knowing by now that the colored wedding gown was indeed a great choice for your special day and you will succeed in making your big entrance a glamorous success of the act.11

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