Pleated empire waist wedding dresses New York

Wedding Dresses | October 06 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Not all the wedding dresses are made with a popular A-line style or with a princess ball gown style. The designs differ from one type of bride and body shape to another and each dress is made to fit a certain type of figure. Knowing these you will be able to find your dream wedding dress more rapidly than you ever think. But in most cases brides love to wander around bridal stores and saloons, trying on tens of different types of wedding dresses just to see themselves as brides as much as possible.

And who can blame theme? We all want to look fabulous on the day and that is why one must invest as much time, energy and money as possible in order to obtain that spectacular unique appearance.

As we said before, not all the gowns are A-line. You can also find beautiful mermaid style wedding dresses, sheath or column style wedding dresses, full skirt ball gown wedding dresses or empire waist wedding dresses.

This is exactly the subject that we’re going to approach in this article, namely the high waist wedding dress. This style is not as old as the A-line but is surely very popular among petite brides, inverted pear body-shaped brides or brides with an undefined waist. These are the main three categories of brides that can vote for the empire waist style because it is quite flattering and inspiring for them.

The contrary, hour glass figure brides can avoid this type of dress because it’s not capable of making them look at their best. But our talk is mostly based on a certain type of high waist wedding dress, and that would be the pleated empire waist wedding dress. The pleated style – the ruched or the draped style – is quite modern and fashionable, becoming more and more popular with every year that passes.

This clever technique of gathering the material or creating wrinkles, pleats and folds it seems very efficient with these types of wedding dresses because it gives them a new appearance that’s more upgraded, chic and contemporary. If you decide to go strapless we suggest you to go with the pleated style. Your bust line will be more accentuated and your whole look will gain more texture and appeal.

The ruches will make the pleated empire waist wedding dress more attractive, more dramatic, more elegant, sophisticated, refined, eye-catchy, unique and interesting to watch or simply intriguing and different. Even those empire waist wedding dresses with straps, halter straps or sweetheart necklines look incredibly feminine, sensual, dainty and charming when set with a pleated style. For a fascinating one of a kind wedding in New York – the city of fashion this voguish type of dress can do you more justice.11


  1. Vestidos de noiva

    October 06, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    when set with a pleated style. For a fascinating one of a kind wedding in New York


  2. Madison

    February 17, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Hello there. I love your site and i have to say I always find something new or something I want here. I read your articles several days a week but i still think I couldn’t read them all. I happened to come across this article and I have to say I like it and you are quite convincing about this type of dresses. Not only that, but I find these dresses here cute enough for me to decide on one of them. and although I love the last dress, which is so chic and exquisite, I might go for the one above it. It seems more affordable and very comfortable. And since my wedding is going to be in summer, outdoors, this one is fitter. So… what can I say!? I am lucky to have found this.


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