Planning Your Wedding

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Even though it is hard work and a little bit stressing, planning your wedding can also be other things like a great opportunity to learn new things and to enrich your life with an extra experience.
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Planning your own wedding can be, and it is, a great challenge because of many, many reasons. The first one is the fact that you will have to learn to organize your money and your time; so this is your first challenge. If you can master the part where you will have to organize things properly then you can proceed to the next ones.

plannin your wedding Planning Your Wedding

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It is very hard to plan a wedding budget and to stick to it because almost always something new comes up and spoils all your calculations; it is very important for you to play it cool and try to stick to your list. It may seem a little bit hard to manage to plan meetings with different suppliers especially if you have a full schedule at work. I know that most of you don’t mind the future groom and almost always he doesn’t want to participate in planning the wedding; this mentality has to disappear because it will benefit you booth, mainly because you will have to work as a team and it will be easier for both to fix things than if one is in charge of the wedding and the other is chilling his beer.You have to take this wedding planning as a challenge; you both have to take it like this because it will give you the opportunity to know each other better. I know that you must think right now that this is sugar talk and that working together in planning the wedding and bla, bla, are only in fairy tales because no man will get involved in planning the wedding with you.

plannin your wedding 2 Planning Your Wedding

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There are some certain steps that you have to follow in planning your wedding; and as I said the first one is planning and organizing the budget; after organizing the budget you will have to make a list of things that you have to do and buy for the wedding and organize them in a order that will fit your schedule. The next step is starting to visit suppliers, make some calls and shop for some things that you need. Don’t forget your wedding dress; this is very important too.



Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.

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