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As there are fashion trends, in makeup or hair style, as well there are <a href=””>trends in what regards also the weddings</a>. What is hot or what is not, what it is today and what is so yesterday. We collected  several opinions of wedding organizers regarding the flowers and the latest trends for 2010 weddings, so you’ll have a modern special wedding. You should know all these ideas for <strong>planning the wedding reception</strong>. <em>Flowers</em> are however, but not symmetrical! Central arrangements for each table and presidium of sizes, in colors and shapes as diverse and crazy. Do not use the same vase or arrangement at all tables.
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Choose a <a href=””>flower or a combination of flowers</a> and use them in arrangements, but choose for each one a special form. And since in 2010 charity acts are very in trend, don’t let the flowers to dry in the restaurant, better donate them to a hospital and surely they’ll cheer someone’s day. What kind of flowers? The florists tell us that green is still raw in very great demand, in combination with bright pink, cream or coral, but as well specific combinations are in vogue, in particular, dark red, bordeaux, dark purple and black tulips.

For brides with a limited budget, usual flowers can be used in spectacular  arrangements, in combination of color and shape rather than the flowers themselves. Lily-of-the-valley, field flowers, peony and chrysanthemums, are all effective but very cheap flowers in floral arrangements. Put emphasis on the ribbons with which you tie the bouquets and arrangements, because a special ribbon with a twisted bow can transform an ordinary bouquet into a work of art.

<em>Bio weddings</em> are in fashion in 2010 and likely will become increasingly popular, as people are increasingly turning to <a href=””>organic products</a>. Even if you don’t plan to wear a green wedding dress, you can incorporate some green ideas in <strong>planning your wedding reception</strong>. For example, you can make <em>invitations and cards</em> with tables count (like place cards) of <a href=””>recycled paper</a>, which is not only eco but also are very beautiful. If you want your wedding to go to extreme ecological, use only candles for lighting or floor lamps. Even if it seems a funny idea, the candles will give a dim light, will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

The tulle pouches filled with candies are no more fashionable <em>favors</em>. If you want to give a <a href=””>gift</a> more special to your guests at your wedding, why not offer them  small pots where there are planted a flower bulb or vegetables, or also you can give them the pots and the seeds to plant themselves.  Another good idea are the cocktail kits: buy small bottles, fill them with coconut syrup, curacao, rum, etc. and give them in a nice basket, along with some cocktail recipes.

If you want your guests to remember <a href=””>your wedding</a> as a magic, why not give them a crystal bowl or a kaleidoscope as favors. Natural soaps and pouches with bath salt, which are found in shops like Lush or Savona are also a good idea. You can choose to give favors like jars of organic honey, honeycombs or combination of honey with nuts, which you can prepare yourself, placing pieces of walnuts in a small jar, pour over the honey and a ribbon with your name. <a href=””>Very simple and elegant</a>.11

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