Planning an outdoor wedding with various themes

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Thinking at sun and the beach, I decided to talk about <strong>planning an outdoor wedding</strong> with various themes such as <em>exotic </em>or <em>Cinderella</em> weddings.
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<em>The exotic wedding</em> will make you dream about having fun in Maldives or Caribbean. Exotic theme is one of my favorites because it lets you play with different textures and colors and even opt for all kinds of daring combinations. But you must take care about that smooth line between daring colors and kitsch. As location for such an exotic event, I suggest you to opt for a beach as a first option, but also you can opt for lakeside location or even a pool. The idea is to be <a href=””>outdoors</a> if possible. Regarding the colors, you could opt for a white background with green accents, but also pink, orange or even a combination of orange and green.

Arrangements on the tables can be made of flowers and various other accessories such as shells, multicolored garlands, umbrellas or sand. Regarding the floral arrangements, you should opt for exotic-looking flowers such as Strelitia, anthurium, Imperial orchids.  Even these can be combined with elements like rocks or water. <br /> The list of <a href=””>floral decorations</a> can be completed with globes of flowers (carnations) all colored in shades of green, orange or yellow or simple arrangements to mark whether the poolside or the entrance to the reception area. Also, the present of torches would match the theme. As <a href=””>favors</a>, you can opt for mini natural decorative plants that will complete the decoration of the table. The cake can be particularly evident in the same theme, and some cocktails are also welcome in the summer.

<strong>Planning an outdoor wedding</strong> with <em>Cinderella theme</em> <br /> I think we’ve all dreamed at one time to be princess while playing with our dolls.  Because of this, I thought to dig pleasant memory of childhood and recreate a Cinderella theme wedding decor.  The great advantage is that using some wonderful accessories with several thematic and putting a bit of imagination you can create a real stories wedding. The event must have scale, so there may be fewer than 100 participants and consequently must take place in a vineyard, tent or a medieval palace with huge entrance and many alleys. Regardless of the particular space, it should be decorated in pastel shades such as pink, lilac, lime. You should put a great emphasis on lighting the space, such as torches, candles or even <a href=””>flying lanterns</a> which are so in vogue. It all depends on your wedding budget. The tablecloths should be wonderful decorated with veils, ribbons or bows which also will be found in the chairs covers design. Flowers should be impressive, consisting of combinations of pastel flowers.

For extra originality, they can be placed on supports in the form of carriage. The “carriage” motif can be preserved and increased by adding an ice sculpture of the same shape and also to accessories and favors.  The <a href=””>lounge or garden space</a> can be decorated with vases with rose petals and “sailing” candles, which will give a touch of romance to your wedding ambiance. The entrance may also be marked by a red carpet and the welcome drink can be made on string quartet. <br /> Do not forget to repeat (till perfection) the waltz and to prepare for three days and three nights of party … as in stories.11

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