Planning a wedding in the last 4 months

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<strong>Planning a wedding in the last four months</strong> is about little but <a href=””>important tasks you must fulfill</a>. Necessarily, you send wedding invitations. Now you should find the necessary documents for civil and religious marriage. You must determine who will sign the marriage license: groomsman or the bridesmaid.  Speaking of groomsmen and bridesmaids, you can list their responsibilities. You must take care also of wedding music. You need a DJ and / or a band. After fulfilling all these tasks, is time searching the groom’s suit. Make sure that his suit matches your gown and the wedding’s theme. You must buy or order the rings and the rest of accessories: bride’s jewelry, groom’s buttons.
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It’s time also for entertainment. Should already begin to organize the bachelor and bachelorette party. Groomsmen and <a href=””>bridesmaids</a> will deal with these moments in your life. Now  you can think of the first dance. You can organize something special, a beautiful dance with a gorgeous choreography, which remains in the memory of all. But what about the moments after the wedding? Lest you neglect your honeymoon arrangements. See more travel agencies and choose a favorable offer to live the most beautiful moments in a place of dreams.

There is only one month!
Now seems the time is much shorter and you tend to panic. Try not to quarrel and to maintain harmony in the couple. In the remained time, you must go to a professional flower shop and order the bridal bouquet but also the godmother’s bouquet. Discuss again all details with the photographer, the priest and cameraman. Now it’s time to try your wedding dress and the suit for the groom (if they have been ordered from a tailor’s house). All in the commands list is included your<a href=””> wedding cake</a> which should be in harmony with the decor of the wedding. >During this time is advisable to select wardrobe for the honeymoon. With two  weeks before the wedding, the bride should color her hair, it is known  that color looks best from about two weeks after coloring. Check the schedule to the hairdresser for your wedding day. Remember the sample session style.

<a href=””>Tomorrow’s the big day! </a><br />The day before the wedding, it’s like all revolve in your mind and no longer find the place. Do not be alarmed, everything was hard already programmed and fixed, so you don’t have too much to do.  Bride will make emergency kit with all she needs to shine on her wedding day. It’s good to note on a paper all that’s going to devolve in your wedding day not to miss anything. That’s all you need to know about <strong>planning a wedding in the last four months. </strong><br />I wish you a wedding as you dreamed and an <a href=””>easy organizing</a>!11

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