Planning A Catholic Wedding Outside Of Mass

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The Catholic religion is one of the most respected and wide known religions on this earth. When thinking about the Catholic Church, we are not thinking only at power or respect but also at traditions and rituals. As a Catholic, getting married is not only signing a piece of paper, but has a rather deeper meaning. The couple is advised, before the wedding to spend some time apart or together but in the company of a priest or deacon who can teach them more about what a marriage implies. This spiritual preparation is vital for the couple, because they will have time to analyze their feelings so that they can be sure they want to spend the rest of their lives together.
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Planning a Catholic wedding is not as simple as you may think. First of all, you have to choose your parish (the priest that will perform your marriage and guide you through your married life) and together, choose the form of the wedding. Here you have to choose between celebrating your marriage during Mass, outside Mass or marriage between Catholic and unbaptized person (depending on your situation).

When planning a Catholic wedding outside of Mass, there are certain things which you should know. Firstly, you should know what this means. The rite for celebrating marriage outside Mass is used when a Catholic marries a baptized person who is not Catholic. A couple can be allowed by their pastor to celebrate their marriage during Mass, but generally this act is discouraged because the person who is not Catholic may not receive communion. Usually, this form of wedding ceremony lasts between 20 minutes and an hour depending on the length of the rites. These rites are not complicated but are full of meaning. The entrance rite represents the moment when the priest, ministers and the wedding participants walk to the altar and the entrance hymn is sung. This is followed by an opening prayer where the gathering is invited to pray along with the bride and groom. The “Liturgy of the World” is the next step, which is a mixture of readings from the Old and New Testaments with gospels. Further on, the rite of marriage is presented, during which the address and statement of intentions takes place, where the bride and groom state their intentions about their future marriage. Afterwards, the couples exchange their vows where they promise to love and support one another no matter what, and they place rings on each other’s fingers. The wedding ceremony ends with a concluding rite where the couple is blessed by the priest and the assembly.

As you can see, planning a Catholic wedding outside of Mass is quite complicated but very respectful. All the songs, gospels and hymns sung during this ceremony are carefully selected so that they represent the couple’s personality and their relationship with God. The purpose of this marriage is also a welcoming one, because the other person who is not Catholic learns more about how Catholic rituals and culture are preserved and cherished.11

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