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Being a bridesmaid is not just about the honor, about being there as a support for the bride. It is as well about being in the center of everyone’s attention, a sort of label for the wedding and mostly, the “introduction” for the bride’s appearance moment. And what counts more at the wedding is the bridesmaids look.
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Respecting the tradition is no longer something imposed but a lost concept. The bridesmaids can wear any crazy color in comparison with the bride. And this is everyone’s favor after all as through the contrast created a magnificent view will be the effect. And what to choose? If it is a thematic wedding and we speak about a Scottish wedding type, but not only, then plaid bridesmaid dresses are what you need.

First of all, plaid dresses are the ones with a crisscross design, the symbol for the well known Scottish cloths- the kilts. It is about the horizontal and vertical bands of a multitude of colors but with a base of nuance. Consequently, if you have Scottish origins or just want to have a wedding in this style this is what you need to make the bridesmaids be representative for your wedding concept.

The crisscross design can be chosen aleatory, just for its effect of interesting details created. But many consider this not appropriate for a wedding. Why? Because being not a tradition, like I mentioned above with the Scottish cloths, it is unusual and moreover, considered to be informal look. Are you sure about this? From plaid bridesmaid dresses one can make a casual outfit and to impress with the original idea. The uniqueness is on your side as your break the eels about the bridesmaids look.

Manny will expect to see the maids of honors dressed in fancy dresses, thematic ones. But you can have the same with the plaid dresses. And there is no need to have the crisscross style for the entire dress. For example, just the top part can be in this way or just some details added, like a sash at the waist.

Furthermore, you know that a bridesmaid appearance is complete only with the accessories. Among them the wedding bouquet is representative for the bridesmaids. You want them colored and so, you can totally match them with the gowns. The plaid design has combination of colors in its lines. Contrasts or matching nuances, this is easier to fit every detail in the final decor and appearance of the maids of honors.

All things considered, traditional outfit or inspiration from Scottish style plaid dresses for the bridesmaids really stylish. With its interesting and catchy look, with it’s joyfully spirit inspired, the energy and youthful attitude such dresses types are so desirable.11

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  1. Julie

    December 10, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    The dresses that can be seen in these pictures are nice but they cannot be worn when attending most of the weddings that are nowadays planned because it is always expected for the bridesmaids to be quite fancy these days. It depends on the way in which the wedding is planned and on what the bride and groom have decided to do on their wedding day because it is not quite ok for them to be very elegant and for the quest to be fancy but for the bridesmaid to come dressed in plaid bridesmaid dresses. But when the wedding is consistent with this kind of dress they might look great on the bridesmaids who might be interested in wearing them. I would wear a dress like this!


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