Pink Gel Candle Wedding Favors

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Candles can be made from wax, gel or they can be electric, case in which they only require a small light bulb placed inside of the candle, that will be lit when an electric contact will be made.

Couples that think of offering pink gel wedding candles as favors at their wedding will make a good decision, because these candles could be also used as wedding decorations, before being offered as favors to their guests. Of course, they will not have all that gel intact, but at least they will bear the inscription that will remind them they have been to the wedding of Sarah and Michael, for example. This, if the marrying couple decides to buy some personalized wedding candle favors.

Pink Gel Candle Wedding Favors

Pink Gel Candle Wedding Favors (Photo by: Stag Shop)

Usually, wedding candles made from gel are more expensive than the ones created from wax, and this can be seen in the time required by these candles to burn out. A wedding candle made from wax that measures 3 x 2 x 3′ offers a burning time of 2-3 hours, but a candle made from gel, which has the same dimensions offers 5-6 hours of light.

These candles can have various shapes and colors, can be adorned with all sorts of decorations, such as satin ribbons and seashells made from ceramic, are made by a large range of manufacturers and they all deserve respect and appreciation.

Luckily, those who search for wedding candles made from gel, have the possibility of buying not only candles, but also candle holders. Unlike candles made from wax, gel does not melt, but it transforms into a liquid, that stays in the candle holder, until it is 100% consumed. Wax on the other hand, is not entirely consumed, because the fuse used in this case manages to melt only the wax surrounding it, and the one found at the edges could remain in some cases just like it is, without melting at all. This reduces the burning time of the wax candles and also, their efficiency. So if you want a romantic atmosphere at your wedding, we definitely recommend gel wedding candles.

Your future is before you, as far as the eye can see. Make sure that you have a bright path, to see him/her clearly, and use wedding candles at your wedding.


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