Pink Carnation Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | January 11 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For economical brides who want to find beautiful cheap wedding flowers to compose sophisticated and modern wedding decor arrangements we have a solution: carnations! Before you dismiss this idea take a look at these pictures with pink carnation wedding flower centerpieces and tell us whether you find them attractive or at least inspiring for creating your own carnation wedding flower centerpieces.

Unfortunately most brides of today have preconceived notions about carnations, finding them rather traditional, old fashion and suitable for a conventional wedding than attractive, eye-catchy and suitable for a contemporary wedding.

But we’re sure that once you get to see these images with these modern techniques of arranging the carnation flowers you’re going to change your mind in favor of carnations. Nowadays more and more florists or wedding flower designers are creating fabulous centerpieces using carnations in large snow ball styles just to show you that carnations look great and attractive when shaped in the right way. The round shape seems to be the most suitable one for carnations and as you can see from these photos the final look of round arranged carnations is absolutely breath-taking. Who would have thought that carnations can look so stunning, remarkable, stylish and fashionable? Well, as we said before, when used in the right arrangements any type of flower – more or less expensive, more or less attractive can look at its best.

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One of the great things about carnations that must be mentioned here is the low price. If we are to compare these types of flowers with other such as roses, calla lilies or orchids, carnations are way more affordable and reasonable in price. If you are having money problems or just a tight wedding budget that doesn’t allow you to go wild on the flowers you should definitely consider carnations. They are cheap, lovely, versatile and quite resistant. This is another advantage of carnations: they have a long life after cut. You don’t have to worry that our flower arrangements or your bridal bouquet composed of carnations will wilt and fall down on the flower during the wedding or right after the wedding is over.

Carnations are among the most versatile natural flowers that can be preserved very well after the wedding as precious natural souvenirs of this special event. We’ve chosen to show you here the pink type of carnations because it looks very romantic, sensual, feminine, elegant and suitable for a wedding day.

You can also find white carnations arranged this way. You can actually plan a fabulous black and white wedding using the white carnations and some black vases, glasses, pots or any other decorative elements. These pink carnation wedding flower centerpieces can make a gorgeous choice for a beautiful timeless wedding in Washington Dc or for any other type of wedding on the globe.11

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