Pink And Black Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | December 17 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Having your wedding celebrated in no later than 8 months from now? Than maybe it is high time to consider writing your wedding cards and have them sent to your guests; the guests whom you more than sure have put on a wedding guests list in order to see how many have already been gathered for the celebration of your most beautiful day of your life. The budget is the one that will allow you to have them all invited or the same budget will indicate you how many you need to cut off of your list. After you have considered all these, you have to get on to the next level of planning: choosing the theme of your wedding – according to it you will be able to come up with a format and design and color for your wedding invitations.
Now some researches are needed to be conducted in order to have some ideas upon this theme – should you choose one of the musical themes that are displayed online inside the wedding planners pages which deliver interesting wedding themes ideas? Or should you go for a floral theme? But with the flowers you don’t know, they are so many and you will definitely want to have the exotic look of the rare blooms which are very expensive to be used inside the wedding decoration, therefore you drop the floristic idea.


And speaking about the flowers and their aspect, wouldn’t be nice to have flowers colored in pink, the color that you like the most in the displaying of the Mother Nature’s blooms? And considering also that there are so many pink flowers available out there on the florists’ stands that they wouldn’t cost you that much, at least not that much as the exotic ones, than why not pink? And in this way you get close to the theme of your wedding: you would go for a pink color scheme of your wedding and the most appealing contrasting color that you find in your research and works the best with pink, is the black one.

In this way, the theme of your wedding took shape in your mind and related to it the pink and black wedding invitations. It is something elegant and joyful at the same time in this strange combination of colors, the jovial appearance of the pink and its playful nature is somehow tempered by the presence of the classical and elegant black. The invitations stationeries which are active on many bridal sites and many personal artistic designers’ perspectives, display plenty of these two colors combined in the design of pink and black wedding invitations and not only.


It is this combination that can hold a save-the-date card, a wedding invitation, an RSVP card, a thank you note and driving instructions as well, all of them created in various floral designs, stylized forms of various figures, be they plants, animals or geometric shapes. All of them represent beautiful sources of inspiration for the DIY planning of a wedding celebration, this task performed on your own will definitely bring you cost cuts allowing you to save some money that you could otherwise use in the purchase of other wedding items, or even put them aside for the days of your honeymoon.11

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