Pink and Black Wedding Flowers

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In this article we dare proposing you a few stunning types of wedding flower arrangements made within a superb and strikingly beautiful pink and black theme. We are therefore very curious to find out what your opinions are on this and how you can imagine the perfect pink and black wedding if you can do that. There are still many brides and couples who are skeptical about the black color and how it can never suit a wedding and all the meanings that are related to such a beautiful, happy and cheerful day!


Well, we’re trying to convince you that black can be a gorgeous color that can work excellent in a wedding if used correctly. And by this we mean in the right types of doses and in the right combinations or bouquet arrangements. Black can easily be perceived and interpreted as a mourning or somber color if used too much in a wedding. Perhaps the best way to incorporate the black hue in a wedding is by using it in small details and only as accents.

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It’s not necessary to go over the limit and plan it all predominantly black. This is exactly why we though to offer you these examples of splendid pink and black wedding flower arrangements where the black color is there only to add more glamour, elegance, refinement, stability, drama and contrast to the whole flower bouquet. Now, you must be wondering what types of natural flowers are there to be found in the black nuance? Well, there aren’t too many, but you can always decide to use the black for the recipients and for the vases in which the flowers are held or in various accessories and decorative items. However, you will be able to find a few types of fresh dark colored types of flowers in plum, burgundy, aubergine, dark purple or dark brown hues that can work perfectly as contrasts to the pink shade.

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Here are a few examples in this regard: calla lilies, black magic roses, dahlias, gerbera daises, carnations, orchids, anemones, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, asters or tulips. We are convinced that you will be able to compose a gorgeous pink and black wedding flower bouquet using these examples here, according to the exact type of formality and theme you’re planning for the wedding, and of course on the season and venue where the event is going to take place. The black color can also be incorporated in the bouquet through various accessories.

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And we are going to give you a few examples in this sense: black feathers, diamonds, pearls, beads, crystals, sparkling wires, ribbons, buttons, seashells, brooches, sequins, monograms, swags or any other dazzling decorative item that can go with the theme or with the general line of the wedding. As for the pink part of the bouquet, the choices are just too many to exemplify here. We advise you to choose the best types of pink wedding flowers according to your own preferences, tastes, vision and wedding budget.

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