Pine Cone Wedding Cakes

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Have you decided to add on the list of the winter holidays your wedding too? I congratulate you for the courage and the lack of prejudice. And I say this because many people are reluctant to make their wedding in the winter because that may have more difficulty, especially if the winter is harder, with guests moving or the lack of heat in the location, etc.. Eventually, a wedding in winter can be equally or even more beautiful than the one held in a warmer weather, through the magic and unique light that it may reflect.

Winter is a season of story. If you decided to be a winter bride, make your wedding a fairy tale. Choose decorations in the colors of the season! Red, white, green, gold and silver – are elegant and shine! Weddings in the winter are by definition luxurious. Bouquets of flowers irregular, velvet bows and candy arrangements inspired by the season – the definition of an unique winter wedding! An original element that you can choose for decorating the wedding cake is the pine cone.

Pine is a genus of plants originar in the northern hemisphere and includes over 80 species of trees, resins, having red bark. Features: swivel roots and branches are vigorous; crown-cone is regular or irregular in some species, can be widened, and adulthood branches grow horizontally, being arranged regular-whorl; the leaves of this kind are acicular, persistent and arranged in bundles of 2-5 each, wrapped in a sheath-based policy, membranous. Pine cones:their flowers are mono, the females are dished or conical, with carpels scaly, based on two eggs that turn into seeds, the male are grouped with numerous stamens; cones are upright, horizontal or pendent, symmetric or asymmetric, variable sizes and shapes, with woody scales nest, without bracts; the seeds are with gray “wings”. It will look perfect on your wedding cake!

Pine cone is the symbol for the pineal gland in the brain that looks like a pine cone. Pine cone is also a good symbol that incorporates the shape of the universe, by this we mean that is fractal, just as the universe is formed. Pine cone, too, is a plant of the star seed and is not native to Earth. Pineal gland is a small gland in the brain that operates as an ”inner eye” and when people talk about the opening of the ”third eye” probably refers to the pineal gland.

Certainly, for each person the wedding remains one of the most beautiful and vivid memories. This event is the union of two hearts in love, he must necessarily be bright and memorable. Undoubtedly, the views on the conduct of this festive event are divided, because some people want a royal wedding, pompous and grandiose, while others will simply celebrate this important event in a small circle among close relatives and friends. Regarding the period during which the wedding should take place, we can say only one thing – the imagination has no limits.

We must say that a winter wedding will happen in a very original and unusual way. Also some pine cone put on your wedding cake will bring uniqueness to your winter themed wedding! Besides a beautiful dress, the bride may wear a white coat, stylish or warm cloak, and instead of shoes – white boots. For not to make a fusion with the snowy background of nature can make a genuine choice on the bridal gown. This should not necessarily be white, quite the contrary. Will be a very original dress in open tones of pink, blue, pastel and beautiful tones.11

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