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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Is the day when your destiny is united with her/his destiny. You want it to be perfect and magnificent, so you will remember it as the day when you felt like a real princess. In order to live such a day, there are a lot of things to do. Is not the easiest thing and it can be stressful and tiring. Every detail count and every step you have to take it has to be planned ahead: the dress, the wedding cake, the reception, the location, the invitation, etc. Morning meetings and late receptions until the great day comes. If you decide that you would like a simple small wedding, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be as great as big weddings get to be. If you have a small wedding, then you should have a small reception and a small wedding cake. As I’ve said before you don’t need a tour cake to make the greatest impression, a small cute wedding cake can be as pretty as it can get.

Small wedding cakes can be minimalist confessions, elegant and beautifully sweet.They can be any color you want and besides you can decorate your small wedding cake in the prettiest way possible. Even there are a lot of styles to choose, usually soon to be married couples chose flowers to be the decorative features for their small wedding cake. The fresh flowers give a natural and fresh accent to your cake. Even though fresh flowers decorations look stunning, it isn’t as easy as it seems to use them in cake decorating.You have to work with your florist and your baker in order to have a perfected decorated wedding cake. All the things that could go bad have to be taken into consideration. Also, issues of safety have to be an important part.


Talking about safety, let me give you some ideas of how you won’t have any problems with your small flower decorated wedding cake. Before putting the flowers on the top or all over the cake you should be aware of the fact that not all flowers can be scattered over a tiered small wedding cake. Some really exotic flowers are dangerous. If pollen, oil or other substances from the flower get into the icing of the cake, the cake will be contaminated and not eatable.Besides, the flowers that were watered with pesticides too, can contaminate the cake really badly.

To have a great floral decoration and a safe eatable cake you should:

  • use plastic to hold the blooms, hide them into the cake but never use the flowers without plastic protection.
  • choose blooms that look beautiful but the ones that can safety be used aroundĀ  food.
  • have a talk with the caterers that when serving the cake they should remove the flowers from it. In this way you will minimize all potential problems.


A small simple wedding cake can look elegant and luxurious, if decorated with proper fresh flowers. It’s true that there are many minimalist approaches, but you can have complicated and beautifully decorated small wedding cakes. If you want a quit complicate floral decoration here are some tips:

  • between tires: separating the tires of the cake and attaching fresh flowers between them can look stunning and in this way you won’t change the cake’s design. If the cake’s tires aren’t separated, then you can put flowers to line the crease where they connect.
  • scattered: when you have a really small cake large, distinctive or many flowers can be the best touch for it.The small wedding cake will look amazing and the flowers will just improve the atmosphere. Another idea is to use flower petals, this can be a very interesting feature added to your small wedding cake.
  • cascades: this way is one of the most popular ways of floral arrangement on wedding cakes. It looks really beautiful. On small cakes you will surely make a small cascades. They can start from the top of the cake, or from the bottom. Their shape can be a smooth curve or spiral. Cascades are indeed great floral decorations.
  • floral toppers: a lot of couples decideĀ  to create their cake in a colorful and unique way by using floral toppers. Next to the floral toppers you can use also, a bride and groom figurine. If the cake is too small then you can put the figurine on the table next to the cake.
  • cake table arrangements/decorations: another ingenious way of using fresh flowers for cake decoration is to arrange them in a nice way on the small wedding cake‘s table. This option a is safer because you don’t have to worry about the toxicity of the flowers .Rose’s petals, garlands and bridesmaid’s bouquets are very popular when decorating the cake’s table.


There are couples that want to use floral arrangements but maybe not fresh floral arrangements. There are a lot of alternatives you can use. Bakers can create beautiful lifelike flowers from melted sugar, fondant, marzipan or gum. If you chose to have these kind of faux flowers on your cake you need to keep in your mind a little detail: the cost of your small wedding cake will increase. So,, calculate all the possibilities before deciding what kind of small wedding cake you would like. It would be more affordable if you used plastic flowers, but you can never compare a fresh flowered cake with a plastic flowered one.


Choosing flowers to your small wedding cake, adds beauty, color, freshness and drama. They look amazing but it’s really important not to over-exaggerate with the flowers and to forget about the whole design of the small wedding cake. Keep it simple, and use simple details like simple dots in the icing of the cake, or any kind of nice shapes which look nice.

Small wedding cakes, decorated with flowers or just simple ones can be beautiful centerpieces of your wedding reception. All the guest will be amazed how such a small wedding cake can look so ingenious.11

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