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Pretty soon 20 years will separate us from the fashion of the 90s and since then fashion styles, trends and labels have been gone through a lot of changes, fashion designers readjusting all the time their flair to the needs and tastes involved in the social life and as such to the day to day choices of clothes. On the occasion of your wedding celebration you look over the abundance of styles that fills the web pages of wedding styles including pictures of 1990s wedding gowns. While browsing through these sites your mother finds the 90s wedding dresses elegant in their simplicity, but to you they look out of fashion.
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Having their empire waist outlined by thick cordons tied in an even thicker bow at the back with the pleats of the skirt going right under the bust line following the pattern of an A-line cut of the skirt making the bride looks like carrying a baby in her womb; an image not exactly desirable for a bride in her wedding day. You have seen some of these pictures of 1990s wedding gowns displayed on the covers of several bridal magazines showing them as gorgeous creations, but your mother draws your attention to other collections which display images of the brides dressed in simple elegant dresses or celebrities in the day of their wedding wearing flattering and rich in fabrics styles of wedding attires.


Yes, she may be right, but to you these dresses appear somehow covered by the dust of time and together with it the image of the bride seems to fade away in the shadow of oblivion. Not to mention that the glamour you find in the nowadays bridal creations is a feature that has been lost in time together with the poor displaying of the 90s wedding gowns. Of course that you do not argue with the idea that what was good then can as well be good enough to wear today if you really like that style and have a seamstress to carry you back in time with a perfect replica of one of those designs.

Otherwise the choice of such an attire is not to be desired; first because they are no longer available on the market, their white aspect should be more than consumed by the weary of the time, and second because means of truly good methods of preservations had been quite poorly reachable in those ages. But amazingly enough there still are famous fashion designers who have preserved some elements considered to be classic out of the old fashion styles and brought some innovations in the structure of the bridal gowns.


Introducing decorative ideas such as silk sashes, frills, chiffon flowers, brocaded lace, back bows, rich embroideries added for the gorgeous display of a strapless bodice or an over all hand made beading work, the contemporary fashion designers have brought changes to the bridal look, envisioning either the appearance of a Greek goddess or the look of drama queen. Deciding to go for one of these famous fashion designers you can reach the timeless beauty that a bridal fashion show has always displayed, be it in the 90s or the times of our days.11

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