Piano Wedding Cake Toppers

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Couples fill their parties with special music, besides the main band or the DJ. During the cocktail hour, anything from a pianist or a jazz trio to a steel drum band, even a well-crafted CD will start the party on a high note. The piano is a musical instrument with a very elegant aspect that can be an interest in both classic and modern wedding. It can be placed in the decor of the party location if the bride and groom are fans of this musical instrument and want to hear at their wedding some live music played on the piano and they can even use a piano wedding cake topper.

A special toast from the groom to the bride is also a trend in vogue, and we know that the bride always says it was her favorite part of the whole wedding! Alternatively, toasts from the bride and groom together, for their guests are a tasteful way for the newlyweds to thank their friends and family. This gesture may be accompanied by background music played on piano by a professional to bring an add of excitement. For brides and grooms that are talented singers, a romantic interpretation of a favorite song can add a personal and wonderful note to the wedding day. Rather than go out on the dance floor and go through emotions, many couples take dance lessons to prepare for the wedding. You can go further on your style of dance by performing some complicated patterns, movements of the tango to disco choreography, which can bring them out on their first dance together.


When the weather starts to warm up, some couples give up on the traditional wedding at church, in favor of an outdoor ceremony and party. This option is very popular for non-conformist couples, couples who prefer a secular ceremony or those who have a special outdoor location for them. Many venues for weddings, which previously did not provide space for outdoor party, have renovated their landscape to meet the growing demand for outdoor weddings. Other popular locations for outdoor weddings include parks in a city or county, local public gardens and zoos house or the intimacy of a house of a family member or friend. Anyway, if you have a big passion for classic music, you can opt for a special piano wedding cake topper.

Before making any decisions about invitations, drinks or food, it is important to take a realistic look at the location and decide the theme or color scheme of the wedding. Coordinating weddings and receptions, even those carried out in the garden behind the house, must be conceived and organized well. Themes for outdoor weddings need not be sophisticated or formal, but must be complete. Gardens and yards are well suited to weddings or floral themes inspired by nature, such as the colors of autumn or spring pastels.


As the wedding date approaches, preparing the location for an outdoor wedding will require careful planning and organization. Cleaning of garden and yard from time makes it easier to keep clean in the weeks before the wedding. To provide sufficient time for preparing and decorating for outdoor wedding location, you should be sure all rented materials to arrive at least two days before. Ending on time the wedding preparations help eliminate undue stress.The day before the wedding, a crew that provide professional services for yard or garden should come to mow and rake if necessary.Pots of flowers and other ornaments can be placed with long ago, while narrow for fence or trees can wait until the morning of the wedding.11

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