Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon

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Choosing some amazing wedding favors is not enough. You also have to think of creative ways to wrap them up and to make them stand out. You can choose colored bows and ribbons on which you can add your initials or you marriage date. That is not the only thing you can engrave on the ribbons. Some couples choose some love quotes or verses. You can also add a more comical touch and engrave a short joke on marriage such as “Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence – a life sentence” or “Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener”. You can use these ribbons to embellish some gifts boxes in which you can add either miniature cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy and so on. You can also use some picture frames which can be simply decorated with these bows, forget about using other wrappers.

You can also give the guests some key chains which can be added in various boxes. You can look for boxes that have a bow drawn on them and wrote something on the box. There are all kinds of shops where you can find wrappers, ribbons, colored tins and wrapping paper. You just need to have a clear idea on what you wish to give the guests. Your favors should be inspired from your wedding theme. So if you are having a fall wedding you can give them some fall inspired candles or some shot glasses, add them in a gift shaped box, add a bow and personalize it.

Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon

Personalized Wedding Favor Ribbon (Photo by: Liana Stevens)

These bows can be whichever colors you like, if they match your wedding color palette then even better. They can be glittery bows or you can write something on them with glitter. Just browse some sites and see which stores have the items that you need. There are all kinds of professionals ready to meet your need and desires. Just tell them what you want and they will make it happen. It’s your money so you get to decide in what you want to invest.


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