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All brides want to look unique and outstanding on their wedding day, that’s no secret. Every woman deserves to look and feel special and one of a kind on the most important day of her life, that’s true. There are a few ingenious tricks and tips we’ve collected from our modern designers and experts in field to share with you in this article.

The ideas we’re presenting here are for those who don’t want to settle for the standard classic look, but wish for something more appealing, expressive and original. You can choose to use a few color accents to make your white wedding dress stand out, or you can incorporate a flower in your hair to obtain a more romantic look fit for a modern-day bride. No matter the accessory you use, you can be sure that your wedding appearance will be unique and distinctive.

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The beauty of a contemporary wedding-day look is all in the details and this is why we suggest you pay more attention to the elements you use for your adornment. We have a few stunning styles to show here, hopping they will fit your taste or at least stimulate your interest. These pictures can definitely captivate the attention of a bride and convince her to go with something more versatile and different.

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In the first picture we find a beautiful bride adorned with a wreath of big flowers. This is stupendous modality to rethink the wedding flowers and use them in a distinguish way. This headband is made of faux blooms but it looks incredibly realistic and fancy in the same time. This crown of colorful blooms can add more sophistication, liveliness and personality to your wedding look, that’s for sure.

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Use similar blooms to decorate your gloves, shoes, dress or shoes. This charming gown is made by Reem Acra and it is called “Rose”. The second style is for chic brides who want something dainty and coquette for their wedding look. Add more fanciness to your wedding gown by placing an elegant hat on your head.

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The cap & gown style is very trendy and it can make an exclusivist choice for contemporary brides. The gown is called “Tapioca” and it is designed by Pronovias and the hat is a Suzanne Millinery creations. Another great way to make your dress stand out is to add feathers in your hair. Use ostrich plums and dye them in apricot or in your favorite hues and then pin them to your hair. Obtain an ethereal headpiece for a dreamy look. The dress is signed by Amy Kuschel. Play with tulle to obtain a funky veil as in the last picture.



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