Pepe Le Pew Wedding Cake Topper

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Yes, we already all know for sure … wedding is no longer an event ensembled of  monotone from a line of old traditions, interrupted from time to time by the same five fixed kinds of food. Every wedding has now a respectable theme, the theme that should be reflected in the decoration of the premises, the menu, the invitations and favors. But how to choose a wedding theme? The possibilities are many. You can start with a color that you like very much, from a flower, an object or even a city with a special meaning. Another very good option which is not really fail is to choose depending on the month when the event occurs.

Pepe Le Pew is a skunk lovers who must cross the river to reach loved ones. Pepe Le Pew is an adorable skunk who needs a partner for love everlasting. Pepe is always looking for a new partner and that partner harasses any possible encounters.  If you have really liked this cartoon character and his love story, you can inspire to include it in a nice Pepe le Pew wedding cake topper. Let’s see together, for each month during the year, the possibilities and what interesting solutions might be found.

I bet you did not know that the most famous skunk in the world, eternal seeker of “l’amour”, won an Oscar. For Scent-imental Reasons, in which the protagonist is Pepe Le Pew, was produced in 1949 by Chuck Jones for Warner Bros.., and won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject, beating Tom and Jerry with their production “Hatch Up Your Troubles”. The video is the third in that appearing Pepe Le Pew and the first in which his “pair” of cat, Penelope Pussycat, is confused with a skunk because she accidentally gets with a white stripe on the back. So, having a wedding cake topper with Pepe Le Pew and his Penelope can be a funny idea.

If you chose the early spring and the weather allows you, now is the time to celebrate the explosion of flowers, colors and life! Choose floral themes (lilies, tulips, cherry flowers) or themes  full of gently ( butterflies or dragonflies). The colors of this period is adored by brides: combinations of lavender and pastel yellow and red juxtapositions romantic pale pink and of course, the queen color, pink in all its shades and varieties. And for brides who do not believe in superstitions, lilac and lavender hues will be perfect.

Summer, the favorite season of all the brides, and when are usually chosen the traditional floral and maritime themes. For the coming year, summer brings along flowers and feathers. And here I speak not only traditional ostrich feathers, which we use in all seasons and in an variety of colors, but the peacock feathers. Very colorful, vibrant and modern, used alone or in combination with contrasting flowers, they are a “must have” for summer.

Warm and natural colors is the reason why many brides choose to marry in autumn. From bright red to range’s warm of pumpkin, from the cinnamon rust until pale yellow of vanilla, all colors and scents invite you to come back to naturally, to an outdoor wedding. The palette of colors that you can work is very wide: rusty red, orange, yellow, beige, brown, chocolate and even gold. Do not forget the grape burgundy or deep baking because it is the perfect season for a “Wine Season Wedding”. It is important that your wedding to represent your personality and to get closer to what you want and imagine.11


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  2. Michaela

    January 01, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Can you please let me know how I can order these wedding cake toppers?
    What are they made from? How much do they cost?
    Do you send to Australia?

    Michaela Martin


  3. Tara

    March 07, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    I was just wondering where can I purchase this pepe le pew wedding cake topper with the black heart in the background? Thanks so much 🙂


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