Penguin Wedding Cake Toppers

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There are a few months before your wedding and you are not yet determined what type of wedding cake you want? Traditionally, the wedding cake is offered at the end of the reception, and so is the last thing your guests will remember. So I understand your perfectionism … that’s why I thought I may come to help you with some wedding cake and topper ideas with a theme inspired by winter. The wedding cake should suggest a reason related to winter, to have white and / or red color and a proper topper like a cute penguin couple to say … obviously has to have a taste to match. Therefore you really need to talk to the baker that will make the wedding cake, and tell him exactly what you want.

Penguins are a group of aquatic birds, which fly, and live exclusively in the southern hemisphere. Acvo terrestrial mammals are living on the frozen continent called Antarctica. These flightless birds catch their food by swimming and catching fish in the mouth and then devours the fish. On land that barely look like slow but in water can move very fast because they have those wings with which moves very quickly in the water. If you choose to have a penguin topper on your wedding cake you must know that there are lot of options of wedding cakes that match with such a topper and also to the winter season.

Snow- cake : Cream, sugar, fondant. These are the main ingredients for cooking such a wedding cake. Snow is a key part of the winter, so all your guests will be impressed by the idea. Snowflake – cake : A relatively easy wedding cake to cook. It seems to be as ice and you can not believe that ‘s to eat. The glaze gives this feeling. It can be made big enough to taste it all your guests. Ice castle – cake : The sculptures of “ice” are truly impressive. Although fondant ice gives this impression to the sculpture, does not taste too good. So try to insist that the chef to use a jam glaze instead. North Pole – cake. Vanilla frosting and peanut butter can work wonders and you can give to your entire wedding an original image through your wedding cake. Certainly your guests will praise you for your creativity and the chef, of course!

While in this season is not customary to organize a wedding, however there are couples who enjoy such a choice. Unlike a summer wedding, winter offers a magical atmosphere of the party, being the season of joy, kindness, of gifts, love and family unity. A winter wedding can be made special and unique. The decor and atmosphere of the wedding can be easy to realize if you try to transpose the joy that this season offers us, if you try to play the first snow beauty in your life, a forest full of snow, fluffy gloves and warm love in front of the fireplace,the fairy tale.

The wedding party can have a dream atmosphere, so you can decorate the local in many ways:
– Tables and curtains with lights;

– Tree ornaments and pine cones, pine branches and with nipped (with spray), globes in bright colors like golden, blue, silver or white;
– Glass nipped with ornamental spray;

– Artificial snow, ornamental snowflakes, and a penguin topper on the wedding cake;

– The wedding dance with all the lights off, fireworks lit up the ring just on the edge and over the recent married to “snow” with white confetti.11

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