Peacock Wedding Cakes

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Here is a mesmerizing wedding theme! Peacock feathers – I was always fascinated by their magnetism, they simply can not be ignored. But I think this topic is reserved for brave brides , with a strong personality.
The color palette of the picture is also quite remarkable and can be implemented separately, without peacock feathers. The chances that your guests to be seen a wedding in these colors are very small, so originality is certainly the most striking attribute of the color scheme purple-turquoise-fuchsia-green.

You can use to decorate your wedding cake eyed peacock feathers, the feathers are natural and look great, available in two sizes 80cm and 120cm, peacock feathers are superb, they give a distinctive note, give a festive, elegant and cool effect, it is advisable to use these feathers for arrangements for weddings, parties, events and more. If the idea of putting feathers on your wedding cake doesn’t smile to you, you can ask your confectioner to create a model of marzipan in the shape of peacock feathers on one side of the wedding cake.

The peacock symbol: In Feng Shui it symbolizes beauty and romance. The tail has a thousand eyes working his fortune for affirmation, promotes public admiration and without strong motivation to others. The thousand eyes will also protect from disasters and hazards. Has excellent results especially in enhancing alertness and clarity, so that the person is able to visualize everything that surrounds it. In addition, the eyes also helps against betrayal in love. Peacock also means beauty, romance and feelings of young love. The presence of the peacock acts as an elixir of love. It is the perfect symbol for women or single men looking for true love. In Christianity, the peacock is the eye “of all seer ” of the church. In addition, the peacock symbolizes rebirth and immortality to Christianity.

The “fever” of peacock feathers, the trend to light in 2011, first loom in the wedding industry with the emergence of the famous Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) at her wedding to Mr Big, wearing a crown of peacock feathers in the movie Sex and the City. Carrie is already known for her fashion sense and although the peacock feather item of clothing worn by her would be too much for an ordinarybride, even stronger accents of peacock feathers have entered in the world of wedding decorations, now becoming a full-fledged trend.

The possibilities of using the peacock feather as a wedding theme are endless and this is because they are stylish, colorful and more importantly, full of charm. The strong mixture of blue, purple, green and gold of the feathers is an excellent color palette to decorate an event. In addition, the uniqueness and exotic peacock feathers makes them perfect for any bride who wants a stylish and elegant wedding. And if you decide to choose the peacock theme on your wedding, why not go all the way and use the feathers to testimony, the invitations, badges, seats for decorating …and.. even on the wedding cake!

Like I said, the peacock feathers, because of their coloring can have infinite ways to use as wedding decorations. The most common is in the central floral arrangements on tables and because it looks very good single feathers in arrangement, but it also combines excellently with flowers. The effect is both exotic and unexpected. Flowers most often chosen to be combined with peacock feathers are hortensia(purple and green) dark hold lilies, purple orchids and even purple or dark red roses. An arrangement well done, will have a touch of refinement and finesse.11

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