Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations

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People have different hobbies and likes. Some couples like to introduce their hobbies as part of their wedding theme. If you have a thing for birds or you are truly fascinated by peacock you can use these bird elements for your wedding invitees. Peacock feathers are truly exceptional and the colors of the feathers are impressive. You can find tones of blue, green, orange, gold accents and various other shades. Look online and find various pictures that you like. Get inspired form them and design your own wedding invites. This can help you save a lot of money. Use some colored cardstock, either blue or purple ones and opt for some gold or some colored lettering. This will definitely create a very interesting effect on your wedding invites.

113445 peacock feather wedding invitations 2 Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations

Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations (Source:

Incorporate some images of peacock feathers or some interesting designs. They can be small or really big in order to draw the attention of the guest’s. You can even opt for a simple colored wedding invites and glue an actual peacock feather to the invites. Opt for colors that you really like and let your imagination run wild when it comes to design these wedding invites. The prices are listed online at various stationary shops. Browse though the models and choose the ones you think will suit your wedding style.

113445 peacock feather wedding invitations Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations

Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations (Source:

Talk to a calligrapher to handle the writing part. Don’t forget about the introduction. Use the proper etiquette code and make sure that all your guests understand any location and time details. Use clear fonts and script style so that no one has any doubts. Include an RSVP so that you guests can reply to your wedding invites.


This way you will have a good idea on how many guests will be coming to the wedding. So just choose whichever peacock feather designs you like and check out some prices. If you are creative and you like to design you may  create your own wedding invites. This will surely show all the guests how skilled and talent your are.



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