Peachy Girl Wedding Dresses

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This article is for the sophisticated Barbie type of brides and not for the traditional brides who are planning a white standard wedding. As you can see in the pictures, these sensational Peachy Girl wedding dresses that we’re presenting here are pompous, elaborated, highly sophisticated and extravagant!


But this grandiosity of the style and design is not a classic one that can fit the “regular” type of bride who wants something classic, white and predictable. These color infusion wedding gowns are for the off the beat brides and for them only! Those of you who always dreamed of wearing something eccentric, spectacular and unusual now have the chance to fulfill that wish and make it come true with these fascinating models that we’re showing here.

If you are curious to study other similar creations released by other designers we suggest you to look for the other articles that we have on Barbie inspired wedding dresses. You will be surprised to see that we have many other impressive and glamorous colored dresses on our website that look just as astonishing and ravishing as these ones!

Fanciful, whimsically romantic, bold cut and colored, these gowns were definitely created by a Japanese designer. We can recognize the Japanese bridal style through the elaboration, magnificence, grandiosity and extravagance of the designs.

A western or modern Japanese wedding dress is usually highly accessorized, adorned and embellished with all kinds of rich details, artistic textures, patterns and embroideries that have the main role to make the bride look like a real princess on the wedding. We like the color palette used for this collection.

You can find lots of pink color Peachy Girl wedding dresses in this fabulous collection – one more beautiful and inspiring than the other. The tea rose, dusty rose, polka dot and cherry blossom pink silhouettes look absolutely divine and magical!

We are convinced that these dresses are not everybody’s cup of tea! They were created for those pretentious brides who want something big, grandiose, marvelous and whimsically unusual for their wedding day.

Multiple layers, big tiers and frills, butterfly and heart design appliqués, big bows, flower accents, pearl and bead patterns and artistic flounces – only a few of the elements that make these Peachy Girl wedding dresses so extravagant, impressive and one of kind. Adorable, sweet, majestic and fanciful, these gowns are ideal for the young brides who want something fun, vibrantly colored, showy and playful!11

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