Papilio Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 29 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

If you’re planning on looking delicious, feminine and simply sweetish on the wedding day we recommend you one of these sensational and charming Papilio wedding dresses shown below on this page. All these creations are signed by the famous designer Papilio and they belong to a spectacular 2010 bridal collection called “Nimph”.


We personally find these dress masterpieces among the most original, artistic and inspiring dresses that we ever seen in a couturier’s recent collections. We are very curious to find out what your opinions are on these fabulous dresses. Those of you who are interested in buying one of these precious and enchanting Papilio wedding dresses should know that this designer’s creations can be found all over the globe in many boutiques and bridal stores. His style is famous due to the uniqueness and the exquisiteness of the designs, cuts and lines.

The basic style is simple and clean, while the embroideries and the rich textures made on the surface of the dresses are truly creative, fashionable and refined. The impeccable quality with which this couturier manages to create these breath-taking gowns is able to provide the bride with a magnificent one of a kind look for the big day. Brides who want uniqueness, exclusivity and artistry for the special day should definitely give it a try with one of these marvelous gowns. The “Nymph” collection is actually a super celebration of the femininity, natural beauty and youthfulness. Every young bride can find herself in these charming Papilio wedding dresses and feel special wearing one of them. You don’t have to try too much to look impressive, outstanding and highly romantic or seductive on the wedding day while wearing one of these gorgeous and refined gowns.

The elevated designs and the asymmetrical beauty incorporated in all the embellishments made on the dresses speak for themselves! You just have to find the right type of attitude for wearing one of these pretty lovely and memorable dresses.

Perhaps not any bride can feel beautiful and unique in a Papilio’s wedding dress, but those who want the sumptuous romantic and young divine look will surely find these dresses sensational and simply suitable for their wedding. The abundant textures, the cascading tulle layers and all the asymmetrical accents made on the surface of the fabrics are meant to bring more uniqueness and playfulness to the bride.

Both the fronts and the backs of these sophisticated gowns are eye-catchy and complex, perfect for offering the bride a richer extravagant and highly fashionable appearance. These perfect dresses are anything but predictable, boring, standard or conservative. They are able to offer the bride more possibilities and perspective in feeling or looking absolutely magnificent and one of a kind on the day.11


  1. Roxana

    December 10, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Unexpected. Sexy. Playful. Romantic. I can say all these about the gowns in this collection and even more. I hoped that reading this article I would be able to decide upon the kind of dress I would wear next year, on my wedding day. But I can’t. They all are simply delicious and they all touch a part of my personality. Maybe I should decide what kind of bride I would like to be in order to be able to chose one of these wedding dresses here. I might try the one that the sitting model is exhibiting. She looks so sexy yet so shy in that dress, as any bride would feel.


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  3. Erica

    March 26, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Third row of pics down with the two girls, the one sitting on the left. I am in love with this dress. Is there ANY way that anyone may have some insight on where i might could find one?


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