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Wedding Invitations | October 22 2009 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The creation of your wedding invitations needs to be made in total connection to the tone of your wedding, formal or non formal, considering also other aspects that are related to the displaying of your wedding celebration, such as the theme of your wedding, if there is one, or the color scheme that has to be included in the frames of a wedding unfolding, with choices of flower blooms or different other decorative items present in the ambient of your wedding. But before going deeper in the process of the planning, you need to have these wedding invitations sent, otherwise it would be rather hard for you to get a thoroughly planned event.

You know by now that a wedding invitation incorporates in its presentation the RSVPs cards, the ones that will be sent back with the guests answers to your invitation. These answers are the ones to let you know who is attending and who is not to your wedding event. But how can you be sure that the moment they will receive your card they will put the paper invitation in one place and will forget to answer it back. And can you blame them? There are so many other things to take care of in the daily life, that the celebration of your friend’s wedding is not part of your preoccupation.

This is the reason that has drawn you first into the creation of paper free wedding invitations, planning to send something that is special and could be kept as a decorative item on the shelf or on the night table next to other decorative elements. So you need to have something else, other than an invitation written on a piece of paper and sent together with an envelope that will eventually end up in the paper waste basket.

Long before your wedding event was settled and while you were still dating your beloved husband-to-be you had gathered in your long strolls in the park the fallen leaves of the maple trees that formed the lines to edge the park’s alleys. These dried rusty-oranged leaves you plan to use now for your paper free wedding invitations, writing in marker the wording of the wedding details, for after that to have it framed in small photo frames and dispatched to your invitees mail address.

Working on your wedding invitations took a considerable amount of your free time but you have set your mind on their creation, being sure that they are one of a kind in the area of the wedding invitations, in this way being able to draw your guests attention and hopefully to get back their positive answer regarding their attendance. On the outside in one corner of the frame you have placed the RSVP card that is made also in the shape of a dried leaf only smaller and having its own pre-stamped small cream envelope. Receiving back the RSVP leaf was the positive answer for the attendance of your guest, otherwise, in a negative response they weren’t supposed to be returned.

The cost of your wedding invitations proved to be high enough since you have decided to use the wooden frames with the stand-up inserted support in order for the guests upon receiving to have it placed somewhere in the house as a decorative memento of your upcoming wedding event.

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