Owl Wedding Cake Toppers

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The extravagant cost, but couples who know how to manage their money well can have a wedding cake like the stars, if you take into account the following:
• Opt for silk flowers and decorations and silk rose petals to decorate the wedding cake, which is cheaper than using natural flowers.

• Find out about the wedding cakes and false tiers to get a beautiful image, and for serving complete with specific wedding mini cakes.
• Create a wedding cake at a smaller scale, but the same pattern as the dreamed, so you can get the wedding cake that you want at an affordable price. Don’t forget to use also an original wedding cake topper.

Animals have always fascinated people, either with their beauty or their ability to adapt to their environment. Each civilization has different traits attributed to one more special animals. In the Sumerian mythology, the goddess of death was represented as a naked woman flanked by two owls. In the Greek, the owl is the symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Lilith, the ancient Hebrew goddess, devils infant death, was identified with this bird. Owl eggs, on the contrary, were assuring a long life and a sustainable youth, according to the legends of antiquity. Like every night raptor in many superstitions of different peoples, the owl announces the death in a house if it often appears near their house.

In mythology, the owl is representative of two contradictory notions: death or wisdom, which is as synonymous with ancient conceptions of life. The contradiction is explained by the fact that the deity of death, according to some pre-classical beliefs, knows the secrets of life, of birth and of reincarnation. So if you want, you can choose a cute owl wedding cake topper to knock down all that myths. Owl is the animal most likely targeted of the popular beliefs, he was given the name bad omen bird, plus the lack of knowledge of the species has made over the centuries to be assigned to each edge dismal night. Countless writers, listening to the dark voices of the night, have mixed various nocturnal birds of prey identifying them with the owl, the messenger of death or misfortune. The origins of this belief are very old and common to many cultures, it is enough to look in the order of etymology which all belong to the nocturnal birds of prey. These ravishing linked to the night, always associated with the irrational concepts, ambiguity and danger, they send us to the image of owl associated with the image of bad luck, witchcraft, black magic and even the devil.

It should be noted that in the old days, nights were actually dangerous, the darkness that makes the roads to be less safe because of thieves and brigands. In other cultures, in contrast, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. In ancient students taking their exams having on their backs portray of owl charms. If you like this bird and its symbols it can be a good idea for you to use an owl wedding cake topper to surprise all your guests.11


  1. Travis

    February 16, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    I was wondering where I could buy the owl wedding cake toppers. I like the brown and white owls.


  2. Stefanie

    May 30, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Where can I order the brown and white bride and groom owls?


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