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Where do we get married? Does this question seem familiar? Couple soon-to-be-weed will need to start planning after they have answered this question. The first and, perhaps, the most important thing to decide about the wedding is the location. If you don’t want too much trouble then the right answer would be in door. You don’t need to worry about the weather, bugs, wind or other disturbing elements. In case you prefer the fresh air and open spaces then start searching for a place under the sun.
There are many outdoor locations that will make a great background for this ceremony. It depends on what kind of persons the bride and groom are and what they like most. Do you like the beach better than the mountain? Would you like to take your vows in the middle of a beautiful green garden? There are plenty of locations to take into consideration: river or lake, golf course, cave, botanical garden, park, monument or landmark, fair or carnival. No matter the exact outdoor location the important thing is that you won’t be in an air conditioned ballroom, nature will set the background. If you help with some flowers then it’s going to exceed your humble expectations.

The only way your guests will find out about the place and date of the wedding is from the wedding invitations. These invite cards will transmit your message about how the wedding is going to be, what is the theme and what is the concept. An outdoor wedding invitation basically says the following: “People, forget your black tie because we’re celebrating out doors!”

My Expression.com shares important information about outdoor wedding invitations. First of all they should only be used when the location is out door. They will not be appropriate if, for example, the wedding is formal. They will go perfectly with a casual, informal event. Since you’re not going with etiquette and tradition with this outdoor wedding, then you can leave out from the card the traditional elements. Creativity is your closest friend in this situation. The color combination can send to trees, sky, sun, water in a word to nature. Depending on the exact location you can have pictures or illustrations of lake, river, sea, mountain, waterfalls, fields of flowers, animals, etc. you can use a photo from your personal archive or you can go for a more artistic approach. The shape of the invitation is also key element. There are many options you could use: blooming flower, rabbit, seashell, etc.

Ashton Wedding invitations propose a long list of models you could use as outdoor wedding invitations. The designs go from bundle of flowers to embossed seashells in different color combinations. Are you a romance blooms or a spring dance? Do you like a simple rose border or combinations of wild flowers? Do you prefer delicate butterflies or pretty sunflowers? Or you want the simplicity and the beauty of a simple lily? It’s hard to make your mind but not impossible. All you need to do is to look carefully through the samples and personalize them as you please.

In no time your outdoor wedding invitations will be ready. Let the party begin!11

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