Orange wedding bouquets

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Brides who are planning a more enthusiastic, playful and cheerful wedding will surely be interested in viewing these gorgeous orange wedding bouquet pictures posted on this page. The orange color is among the most energizing and eye-catchy existing colors available for weddings. Many modern brides seem to choose an orange theme for their wedding, especially destination brides who decide to go more exotic and luxurious on the day.

If we are to list here a few qualities or significations and meanings that the orange nuance stands for, we would mention: optimism, freshness, naturalness, delight, splendor, elegance, vibrancy, hope, affection, warmth, sensuality, vivaciousness, cheerfulness, joy of living, grandeur, femininity, glamour, attractiveness, originality, exquisiteness, openness, fascination, extravaganza or drama and contrast.

With all these symbols cleared out, we are sure that you will see how suitable and wonderful for a wedding this vivacious color is after all. Not only for tropical weddings booked for beaches, coasts or islands, but also for any other type of nature inspired wedding that is going to be held in a garden, in a public park, on an open field or in a country side.

The orange color can be mixed with a purple and obtain a more whimsically romantic and magical effect, or you can combine it with a chocolate brown nuance and use the theme for a vibrant autumn wedding day. There are plenty color mixtures that you can make between the orange shade and another one, according to each season or type of wedding in part.

Orange goes stunning well with yellow, lime green, violet, qua blue or baby blue, navy blue, teal, burgundy, plum or aubergine. The formality and the exact venue of the wedding might influence completely the best color scheme that you can go for. If you want something simpler or more equilibrated color scheme for your wedding choose a white and orange theme. The white hue will temperate or tone down the stridency of orange and make the palette softer to the eye.

From the same range of secondary pastel shades that go well with the orange color are: cream, beige, ivory or gold. There are so many types of natural fresh flowers that can be found in this charming and inspiring color that one can easily get confused and overwhelmed!

Here are a few of the most popular types of orange flowers that you can incorporate in your fabulous orange wedding bouquet: mango calla lily, sweet peas, gerbera daises, ranunculuses, tulips, chrysanthemums, freesias, carnations, sunflowers, dahlias, orchids, sunset roses, peonies, gladiolas, Billy Balls, asters, calla lilies or hydrangeas. In order to make the arrangement more eye-catchy and glamorous, we advise you to use a few brooches, monograms, sparkling wires, pearls or beadings.11

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