Orange and brown wedding flower centerpieces San Francisco

Wedding Decorations | October 02 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When planning a fall seasonal wedding the happy modern bride should be excited to find out how many unique possibilities of planning a romantic and one of a kind elegant rich wedding are out there waiting to be explored. We are going to give you a beautiful example in this article where we have attached these pictures with orange and brown wedding flower centerpieces that you can gaze at in peace until you find all the questions and the answers you need to find.

We think that this theme is very powerful, imposing, a little dramatic but still very romantic, timeless, elegant and sensual. The vivacious orange color combines excellent with the earthy brown hue forming an enviable pair.

Not only for autumnal weddings but also for any other type of formal, elegant and dramatic select wedding indoors or outdoors this type of color scheme makes a gorgeous pick. Both the orange and the brown are officially recognized as colors of the fall season so you’d better pay attention to what trends say.

It’s very important to keep the pace with the modernism and fashion in matters of weddings and colors but it is also essential to keep it personal and romantic. Don’t forget to follow your own intuition and your own point of view, imagination, vision and sense of aesthetics. If you don’t have yet a favorite color scheme that you would like to apply on your wedding perhaps you have more to win because you can embrace more possibilities and in the end have more to choose from.

This way you can be assured that you’ve made the correct choice and a more certified decision. You must know that the orange and the brown theme is already popular in modern weddings so you should not worry about the fact that this type of color scheme might not work or be suitable for a wedding and whatever this special day means. You can still be glad to share the exclusivity of this theme with your friends and family who will be totally ravished and blown away to be invited at your fascinating brown and orange themed wedding.

For composing the orange and brown wedding flower centerpieces we recommend you a few types of wedding flowers that come in these both shades, and you can choose the best ones for you. In orange you can find sunset roses, terracotta roses, mango calla lilies, freesias, peonies, sweet peas, geraniums, gladiolas, dahlias, gerbera daises, ranunculus, hydrangeas, proteas, carnations or tulips. As for the brown part, look for roses, calla lilies, orchids, dahlias, mums, gladiolas, carnations or tulips. For an unforgettable magical wedding in San Francisco or anywhere else in the world this type of color palette can really help you make a true statement.11

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