One tier wedding cakes

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The wedding cake is a very important element of your wedding, sometimes the most important so you have to be careful at every detail. This means that every decoration is important, that the flavors are vital and the designs have to be unique. Another important thing that couples often neglect is the size of the wedding cake. Some couples choose huge wedding cakes not because they have too many guests but to be extravagant. A wedding is not the place to show off or to economize too much. The important thing is to choose a wedding cake that fits your personality, your budget and your theme.
As a said the size of the wedding cake is a very important element. Here you have two choices: if you have a small and intimate ceremony a one or two tiers wedding cake is just enough. On the other hand if you have many guests try a three, four tier or more. Another important thing is what decorations and colors to use. One tier wedding cakes are elegant, simple and are perfect for a small and intimate ceremony. So if you decide to choose one for your wedding here are some ideas you can try.

One tier wedding cakes decorated with flowers
A one tier wedding cake decorated with flowers is a really magnificent idea you can try. It will look elegant and classy. The most popular flowers that couples choose are roses. White, red, yellow, pink, orange roses are really spectacular. Calla lilies are other magnificent flowers you can definitely use because they look exquisite. Choose white ones because they look really elegant. Freesias, lilies, daisies, hydrangea or chrysanthemum look great on a wedding cake.

If you choose flowers to decorate your wedding cake you should know that you have endless possibilities. You can use fresh flowers because they look and smell great. Be careful what flowers you choose because some of them can be toxic. Pastry flowers made from marzipan, chocolate, fondant or sugar are quite marvelous so you can definitely try them.

Use small bouquets of flowers or flower petals to decorate your cake and it will look fantastic. This wedding cake is too small for cascading flowers but instead you can surround the cake with flowers because it looks really charming.

A one tier polka dots wedding cake is a very interesting idea you can try. You can use classical colors like white, black or pink or powerful ones like green, orange, blue or purple. Try a polka dots wedding cake because it looks elegant and it is a unique idea you might enjoy.

Whimsical wedding cakes
If you want a really special and unique cake choose a whimsical wedding cake because it is a unique idea. Try bright color combinations such as orange, green, blue or purple and your cake will be really special. Decorate it with dots, shapes, swirls and patterns.

Other ideas you can try
If you decide to choose a Valentine’s Day wedding cake you can try a white or red heart shaped fondant cake. Decorate it with roses or hearts and you will have a really romantic wedding cake. Other great decorations you can use are ribbons and bows. Surround your one tier cake with satin or fondant ribbons and it will look marvelous. As a cake topper you can add a bow.

For an intimate spring wedding a one tier wedding cake decorated with butterflies is an excellent idea. Try colors like white, pink or yellow because they are perfect for a spring theme.

Three special one tier wedding cakes
Try a one tier white wedding cake decorated with red patterns. It is a simple but elegant wedding cake. A one tier blue Tiffany box is really unique. Add a white fondant bow as a cake topper and surround it with white pearls. It looks exquisite.

Another special idea is a white one tier wedding cake decorated with purple fondant roses. Surround the cake with a purple ribbon. It is a fantastic wedding cake.11

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