Octagon Wedding Cakes

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The most important item and part of the wedding is definitely the wedding cake. Everyone will remember how your wedding cake looked like and how did it tasted like. Today’s wedding cake is considered to be more than a regular desert, but more an artistic and creative expression of the couple’s personal vision, preferences, character and taste.

The guests will be photographing your wedding cake and classify your wedding depending on the looks and taste of the wedding desert. That is why you have to make everything possible for your wedding cake not only to look stunning but also have a delicious savor.

More and more modern couples are deciding to incorporate a specific theme in the wedding cake’s decoration or topper for a more artistic, elegant, unusual and non-conventional effect. Besides the diverse color combinations that are used in the creation of modern wedding cakes, the shape is also a decisive factor. More and more geometrical shapes are used to express the latest fashion in wedding cakes.

Oval, squared, hexagonal and octagon wedding cakes are at rage these days. Any unique and magnificent combination between these shapes is perfect for a contemporary wedding. But the shape and the style of the wedding cake must be definitely set in concordance to theme, color-scheme and type of the wedding. Octagonal wedding cakes are usually perfect to express a fashionable, non-conventional, whimsical wedding. This unique shape can look great in a simple, elegant, unsophisticated design, suitable for a more casual, small and still elegant and chic wedding.

Octagonal wedding cakes are the best choice for those of you who are looking for something more exciting, unusual, original, informal, creative and eye-catching. This is actually a pretty trendy rage in wedding cakes. Simplicity and a twist of imaginative shape and decorative elements could transform any usual wedding desert into a magnificent, elegant, stylish and memorable wedding cake.

Compared to the traditional round wedding cake, the octagonal one is more magical, attractive, appetizing, appealing and suitable for a more trendy, fancy and unpredictable wedding. Octagonal wedding cake designs are always an inspired idea for those brides and grooms who are planning on a classy, sophisticated and glamorous wedding.

There are lots of unique color-combination, decorative elements and toppers that work great for a more dainty and fashionable. Many modern couples are choosing the octagonal design to create mini wedding cakes for each guest in part. The result will be even more stunning and admirable, if the mini octagon wedding cakes are personalized to fit the taste and personality of your each wedding attendant.

An octagon al wedding cake looks great adorned with long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies, or with small and unique flowers such as orchids or daisies.11

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