Ocean theme wedding cakes

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Choosing the theme of your wedding is never easy. You want to be sure that it fits the day that you have chosen or your own personality. You want everything to be special and you definitely want a unique wedding theme. You can try what theme you want but the important thing is what decorations you choose.
Choose unique and special decorations for your wedding and especially for your wedding cake. You can always try a season theme for your wedding because you have great options and decorations.

A great idea you can try is an ocean theme. It is really special and you have endless possibilities that you can definitely try. Ocean theme wedding cakes look really great and offer you marvelous decorations. You should know that for an ocean theme you can use white, ivory, brown, blue, navy blue, aqua blue or different shades of blue and green.

For a white and blue theme you can try a blue fondant cake decorated with white fondant sea horses, sea stars and seashells. You also add sugar- paste seaweed and other plants of the sea.

For a really sweet taste you can try some edible chocolate seashells. They look really great and the taste is marvelous. A really great wedding cake is a sky blue fondant cake decorated with handmade seashells. It is a really fabulous idea you can try and this shade of blue with white is just divine.

Other magical idea that you might like is a white fondant cake decorated with blue fondant dolphins. It is really sweet. As a cake topper you can add a mermaid. The typical white and blue become really unique and the marvelous shades of blue are perfect for this ocean theme.

Another great idea you can try is a castle. Try a white castle with blue waves. Decorate it with fondant white, red and yellow fish. You can also add colorful seashells like blue, purple or green. Add a cascading of seaweed and you will have a really special wedding cake.

Who says that you can’t use pink for an ocean theme? It is a unique idea that you can consider. For example a pale pink fondant cake decorated with blue waves. Add fondant purple and pink seashells and sea stars because the effect is lovely. The traditional brown sand can be replaced with some pink glitter. Add some on every tier and your cake will really shine.

Here is another special idea that you might like: an aqua blue fondant cake decorated like the waves of the ocean. Create a cascade of pink and red corals and sea stars. This cake will really spice up your wedding. You can also choose green, yellow or brown cakes and you can decorate them with sea rocks made from fondant or chocolate, plants of the sea, fish, pearls, waves, bubbles or other interesting shapes.

As a cake topper you can add a pair of dolphins kissing, a pair of sea horses, sea shell with a pearl or a bride and groom figurine practicing different ocean sports.

Unusual ocean theme wedding cakes
If you are a modern and extravagant person you can choose from these two magnificent wedding cakes. Choose a four tier topsy- turvy lime and electric green cake decorated with fondant orange, purple and green fish, with red and yellow ocean rocks and with a dolphin cake topper.

Here is another special cake: a three tier white fondant cake decorated with handmade yellow sea stars. You can add some purple, blue and yellow seashells. It looks amazing!11

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