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The latest trend when it comes to wedding dresses is to wear a non white wedding dress. Nowadays tradition it’s not the hot stuff anymore, but on the other had, to wear a completely funky and non traditional wedding dress which means non white wedding dress is in all trends.


Firstly, there weren’t all colored wedding dresses. You could’ve worn something traditional and white while you could also taste some burst of color. Even if it was a blue sash or some pink flowers added to the white wedding dress you could say that you are wearing a white wedding dress. If you are one of those brides who choose to not wear traditional, it will only make sense if you go for a full colored, non white wedding dress. If you opt for a white wedding dress with colorful accents, it’s still a white wedding dress. Go for more color and don’t be afraid to be different.

If you are an independent woman today and if you don’t want to fit into the crowd the best this you can do in order to be different is to wear a non white wedding dress. This will surely get you out of the crowd.  It takes some guts to do this, to wear something else than white it’s sure that a lot of people will talk about you and they might talk not so favorably. Being different will always have consequences so you have to choose if a non-white wedding dress is what you need.


Usually brides that chose to be different select their colors regarding the day of their wedding. If they’re getting married in the spring they will go for shades of Lilac, blue, purple, pastel colors that go with the season. If they’re taking the big step in the summer, they will select deeper shades, the ones that will work for spring too, but deeper. Autumn comes with a lot of options; the colors that you can see in nature can be the ones on your non white wedding dress. Be inspired and go for shades of brown, golden, even types of orange. If you are a winter bride you will probably wear bold colors. Besides this, deep red and blue are very popular, even white dresses with black and red endings are worn by so many brides who want to really go for a non white wedding dress.

If you are a bride who will like to be different but not too much, you have the options of faint colors. Chose the lightest of blue or the palest of Lila and your non white wedding dress will truly be special. Non white wedding dresses not necessarily mean deep colors that will not be appreciated by everyone, a pale color is nice and it won’t be such a shock for your guests and your family.


Talking about family, because your guests can say whatever they want, but your family might have a word to say regarding your wedding dress. Probably your mum has always imagined her little girl walking dawn the aisle in a white wedding dress. Finding out that you are going to do this, but in a non white wedding dress it will ruin al her hopes. Even if this happens, you shouldn’t let go to your dreams. If you want to wear a non white wedding dress and if your soon-to-be husband is with you in this, you should try to convince everyone to accept and to respect your wish and decision. After all it is your wedding and you are the one who should feel nice and beautiful. If your family is more of a traditional one, you will probably have some issue to solve. Remind them that just after Queen Victoria’s wedding women started to wear white wedding dresses because until then, this wasn’t a rule. If you cannot talk to them and if they are very stubborn in understanding this don’t change your position but maybe go for something that might be easier to accept. I’m sure you want your mum to be there, when you say yes so maybe instead of wearing a deep red wedding dress you might wear a pale blue one, or if this is too much as well, go for a white or ivory wedding dress and wear a pink sash over. This issue might be very delicate so try to handle it nicely; you don’t want to have any fight, either with your parents or your grandparents, because they are the one that will probably have something to say regarding your non white wedding dress.


Another option for you in order to still keep the traditional feeling alive and to still wear a non white wedding dress is to have a dress with colored borders. It’s a beautiful option and it’s easier for it to pass through the family test. A full colored/ non white wedding dress it’s surely harder to present and to be accepted by your family but a white wedding dress with just a little of color here and there it’s way much easier.

Wearing a non white wedding dress can be a big challenge for many brides- to-be, while some others might not think it’s such a big deal.  Let’s face it; some of them people that will attend your wedding won’t surely be happy regarding what you chose as a color for your wedding dress.


This shouldn’t make you change your mind even if you see this as a big challenge or as just a new thing for you. It’s your decision and if wearing a non-white wedding dress will make you happy you should wear that and if the people that come to your wedding love you, then they won’t lift a finger in order to comment anything. It’s the same thing for your family. Even though it might make a big difference for them, you wearing a  non-white wedding dress they should accept your decision and should think about you being happy not about some old tradition. I’m not trying to be the anti-tradition person but sometimes you need to put feelings before anything.



  1. Shelly Heerah

    January 21, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    Where do i purchase one of these dresses?


  2. Shelly Heerah

    February 15, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    I really like the red and white dress. And i was wondering if you could message me back with information on how to get it. And the cost of the dress. Thank you


  3. Ana Postolache

    February 16, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Hello Shelly, if the dress you like is the last one on this page then you can find more info on how to purchase it from here:


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