Nontraditional Unique Beach Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 27 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Every bride who is planning a destination wedding wants to wear something more different, outstanding and unique. A beach wedding is always more casual, natural, refined, romantic and relaxed than a traditional formal city wedding. That is why so many modern brides are choosing an exotic destination wedding over a noisy back home wedding.

And as we said before, such as tropical, loose and charming location requires a more distinctive unconventional and rather informal attire that a rigorous, tight and heavy-weighted one. If you are one of those contemporary brides planning an enchanting beach wedding, then you should start searching for a nontraditional unique beach wedding dress as soon as possible, just to make sure that you’ll make it on time for the wedding.

These days, almost any type of bride can find her dream beach wedding dress because there are hundreds of styles, colors, designs, lengths, shapes and materials to choose from. There is no need to spend a fortune on a custom made beach wedding dress, because there are lots of original, sleek, elegant, stylish and chic sundresses that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are more corpulent, petite, full figure, slimmer, taller, pregnant or encore type of bride.

The range of matching styles for any type of bride is wide enough. If you’re not satisfied with the existing styles and designs, you can always buy a designer nontraditional unique beach wedding dress that can emphasize more your individuality, your personal style, femininity and naturalness.

Most brides who are planning a beach wedding are usually looking for unique simple, clean, refined, casual, comfortable and yet dainty, stylish and sleek wedding dresses that can make them look more natural, sexy, attractive, sensual and different from the rest.

Among the most fashionable types of nontraditional unique beach wedding dresses that you can find in different bridal stores or on various websites on the internet are those superb superfluous calf length nontraditional unique beach wedding dresses that have a more bohemian romantic style, perfect for expecting brides or full figure brides, those classy, vintage or retro tea length nontraditional unique beach wedding dresses perfect for slim, petite and bold brides, those knee length nontraditional unique beach wedding dresses that work great for elegant evening wedding affairs or those above the knee or short nontraditional unique beach wedding dresses that make a courageous modern bride look more attractive, sexy, eye-catchy and provocative.

As for the most suitable necklines for these types of beach wedding dresses, you can choose an enchanting medieval, Victorian or renaissance off-the-shoulders neckline, a classy, fancy and chic high neck with a bare back Nicole Kidman style, a trendy one shoulder neckline, a halter casual and comfortable neckline, a refined spaghetti strap neckline, a sexy and remarkable corset style, a sweetheart or a sleeveless simple neckline.11

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  1. Gwen

    May 09, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    the last dresses don’t seem to unique to me. they are very casual and i think i’ve seen similar dresses, if not exact resembling dresses like those ones in quite a lot of shops. but the first dress it seems to me it really is a unique and beautiful wedding dress and i think it is perfect for a very specal wedding on the beach. i ad a lot of discussions lately regarding my beach wedding, since many of the ones around me told me they imagine it very simple. i don’t. i think a beach wedding isn’t only simple, it can also be very romantic and very sensual and fairy-like.


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