Non White Wedding Gowns

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Asking my friend what was she planning to wear for her wedding she still had some doubts whether to wear white or the non white wedding gown that had lately gained so much popularity in the range of the modern brides-to-be. And to try to make her come quickly to a decision of some sort, we went downtown to do some researches in regard to the color of the wedding gowns. Out town is not that big, but not too small either – it has altogether at least 4 bridal stores that I was aware of and my friend said that enquiring the directories in this matter she found out that there were actually 7 bridal stores and all of them were selling wedding gowns and not necessary all of them being made in the traditional white fabric of a dress.
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I was more than curious to see how would the non white wedding gowns would look like and mostly to see what were the colors to be found in these bridal stores, offering alternatives to the bridal outfit both in color and audacity of wearing different hue than the color a wedding tradition tacitly imposes. And more than this I remember that the bridal stores I used to pass by in my daily routes of shopping didn’t display in t heir windows other wedding gowns than the white ones or in the happiest case the ivory or cream version of wedding attire.

While being inside of one of these stores we saw some wedding gowns colored sapphire blue, deep red and light green. The aspect of these gowns was impressive, the style resembling much to the one of a ball gown with skirts rich in ruffles and sparkling embroideries to spice up the bodice of the dress. Some of them were strapless with sweetheart cut at the neckline, or the ones with spaghetti straps to support an ethereal sleeve which was pinned only in one point exactly from under the armpit. The last one was an interesting design of a light blue colored wedding gown with a bell-shaped skirt that continued at the back with a train very beautifully embroidered in white floral motifs, the same ones embellishing the surface of the delicately attached sleeves.

I draw my friend’s attention upon this one and we shyly asked for a shop assistant to help us get the dress off the hanger. While my friend was trying the dress in the dressing cabin, I took the liberty and inquired the shop assistant of the lack of non white wedding gowns displaying in the shop’s windows. She answered me back that the reason was that not many brides-to-be are eager to choose a dress that is not white for her wedding event, and beside the alternative to the white is not something that belongs to the traditionalism of a wedding.

I was taken by surprise with her reply and seized by a little discontent of the discrimination that is cast upon the wedding gowns, and once my friend went out of the cabin wearing a splendid blue wedding gown I could see that I’ve got a point with my surprise and my discontent regarding the way non white wedding dresses are treated. The wedding dress looked quite exquisite and fit my friend’s body sizes perfectly, so it was after all a good decision in picking up something that drew her out of the range of common nowadays brides.


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