Non Traditional Wedding Flowers

Wedding Decorations | March 24 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

There is no real battle between traditional weddings and modern contemporary weddings, but there is a certain argumentation line between them. Nevertheless, no one can state that a tradition is better than other because every wedding theme and style is unique in its own way. No one can deny the beauty and the nostalgia that a traditional wedding can evoke, as well as no one can say that a trendy wedding is not glamorous, elegant and very comfortable to any bride and groom who live in this century.

But if we are to speak of traditional wedding flowers, we can say that they still remain the best choice for any bride who wants to hold a feminine, classic and formal wedding bouquet or wants to decorate the whole wedding with them.

A traditional wedding flower bouquet and décor is still very romantic, timeless and stylish and many brides still feel enchanted with this idea. Roses and cascade type of bridal bouquets remain the most traditional wedding flowers and arrangements. But, compared to a modern bouquet, the traditional one can easily incorporate any kind of findable flower out there on the market.

A non traditional wedding flower arrangement can contain a single bloom, Calla Lily, Peony, Rose, Sunflower or any other long stem flower, for more simplicity, elegance, gracefulness, style and visual impact. Don’t choose a heavy, elaborated and lavish bunch of flowers to carry around on your wedding day. Go simple, chic and modern. Make a more stylish and non traditional appearance and create a dramatic effect by wearing a single stem bridal bouquet.

Another way to choose a non traditional wedding flower bouquet is to carry a beautiful, romantic and unique basket of flowers. Some brides love to have a flower basket instead of a bridal bouquet, because they can share flowers with the other women at the ceremony: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, bridesmaids and girlfriends. A splendid choice for a non traditional wedding flower bouquet is to have a mini evergreen tree. Lots of modern brides choose this option, or any other exotic plants to replace the old-fashioned bridal bouquet. But besides these unique non traditional choices, women started to opt more and more for the non floral bouquets!

The bridal bouquet can also contain different objects and very bright and bold colors. For example, you can choose a unique bouquet made out of feathers, leather, wood or paper, all fake but very trendy. For a very funny and funky wedding theme you can choose each one of these inspiring ideas to create a modern bouquet. But there are many other objects that you can choose and incorporate them into your bridal unique bouquet, such as buttons, seashells or any other extravagant accessory that you love and can be matched with your wedding dress.11

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