Non-traditional Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | April 13 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Weddings have always looked pretty epic, formulaic, stiffed and official and that is why so many contemporary brides and grooms are looking for something more exciting, unique and non-conventional in wedding styles. Today’s fashion in wedding cake designs is trying to incorporate more and more themes, ingenious and innovative ideas that can create a more stunning and vanguardist effect.

The wedding cake is no longer a simple desert that has the purpose of satisfying the sweet taste need of the guests but it is more the expression of creativity, artistic patterns and surprise. More and more modern wedding cakes designers are happy to create such colorful, delicious and extraordinary non-traditional wedding cakes for couples who want to make a statement on the wedding day.

The elaborated, standard white wedding dress and rose bridal bouquets are finally clearing the view for a more colorful, inspiring and original wedding frame. There are many delicious and outrageous non-traditional wedding cake designs, shapes, toppers and decorative motifs that can be incorporated into a more creative and casual wedding style.

Not to mention that more and more contemporary brides and grooms are willing to replace the usual big and layered wedding cake with a more impressive, unique and personalized wedding desert such as candy bars, chocolate fountain or cupcake or miniature wedding cakes. Choosing a candy table instead of a lavish wedding cake can be a great idea to flatter your guests. They will be able to choose any flavor, color and type of candy from the wide diversity that you can bring to your wedding.

Be inspired and precaution and hand your guests small bags or boxes to take some candies at home at the end of the wedding, as a delicious and trendy wedding favor. Colorful, creative and cheerful wedding themes are always adored and appreciated by guests and they are a suitable way to make your attendants remember your wedding with more love and affection.

Pies are another unique and fabulous idea to replace a classic wedding cake. One can take a chance and bake his own pie wedding cake at home, choosing any flavor and design that suits best with the general color scheme and style of the wedding. Pies are perfect for any season.

For an autumnal and winter wedding day or theme one can choose the pumpkin design and flavor and for a more summery and springy wedding one can go with a fruit pie such as those made out of strawberries, cranberries, lemon, mango, cherries, apples or any other juicy and exotic fruits.

Have a chocolate truffle box for each of your guests to impress them. Individual wedding cakes such as mini wedding cakes or cupcakes wedding cakes are another beautiful, charming and trendy option for those of you who wish to treat the wedding attendants properly. Create different flavored mini non-traditional wedding cakes to suit each of your guest’s taste and personality.11

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