Non Religious Blessing Of The Wedding Rings

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I was once browsing through the bridal websites in an attempt to find some wording that was appropriate for wedding celebration held in a non religious way. My friends were about to get married and as I was the one chosen for bridesmaid character of my best friend’s wedding I offered to help also with the aspect of finding non religious blessing of the wedding rings. She told me that their wedding was supposed to be officially sealed in a registry, the same place to hold a service for exchanging the vows and the wedding rings. She wanted that the registrar to have his/her speech with the wording chosen by the wedding couple themselves and for this they gave me some bench-marks written as an outline for the wordings.
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But the main speech was up to me to conceive; my friend entrusted me with this task as I have been around their love affair since its beginning and I have seen it all through the eyes of my friend whenever we met and had long chats around the love that lead every step they took deep into their relationship. When she first asked me to do this, I was kind of confused around the term “blessing”; how can anyone bless something in a non-religious way? I always knew that blessing, by definition, has to do with religious rite, or cross sign hallowing, or even invoking divine care upon a wish for good health; not to mention that a blessing is also used while saying about someone that is “blessed with artistic ability” for instance. This kind of blessing is related to the feature of someone being endowed which has to do again with some sort of spiritual side of the humane nature.

Most people believe that this feature of being endowed is an act of divine interference with the spiritual paths that some persons have opened in order to receive the grace, this is the reason why there are persons who are able to create things more than others can, people who can have spiritual capabilities more than others have and so on. But I finally gave up wondering how can I fulfill a task that had contradictory terms in its denomination. I had to find proper wordings in order to write the non religious blessing of the wedding rings whether I liked how it sounded or not.

And thinking back at the times of their first dates and the feelings that started to be defined I let myself flow with the wave of inspiration that their love began to cast over me. The other source of inspiration was the design of their wedding rings – the Irish symbol of love represented by the heart held by a pair of hands with a crown above. So I came up with the following non religious approval of the wedding rings: “Let these rings be the symbol of your love that is here today to witness your bond into marriage, enabling you to commit to each other in the same way your hands give each other the heart that is crowned with each other’s love. The symbol of your rings is comprised in the circle of life without beginning and without end. Cherish every minute of your life in a total happiness and delight with the love that will carry your souls into the realms of eternity, thus strengthening your beings in an indestructible bond”.11

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