Nicole Italy Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 29 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Brides looking for a pure white modern wedding dress made by a couturier can give it a try with one of these sensational Nicole Italy wedding dresses. We think that this designer’s style is incredibly sleek, unique, fancy and innovative, but besides all it is totally romantic and feminine. Any bride – regardless of her age, status, physical condition or formality and cultural background can find a dress on her taste among Nicole Italy’s collections. These lovely creations posted on our page belong to a stunning fashionable 2010 bridal collection that Nicole dedicated it to all modern brides who still want to look classy, dainty, romantic and feminine on the day.


The industry of wedding dresses is now full of phenomenal dramatic, whimsical and unconventional designs that seem to have lost the sense of romance and innocent elegance that used to make a white gown suitable for a wedding back in the old days. Nowadays, the vast majority of brides want to look unique and different with any price, even if this might cost theme their innocent feminine pure look. But we are happy to see that more and more fashion designers are willing to create wedding dresses that can provide the bride with a more natural and delicate feel and look.

Besides the fact that modern brides are interested in wearing something more outstanding, extravagant and remarkable, they also want to feel comfortable in the dress. The wedding day is long and in order to pass through all the ceremonies successfully, the bride must find something that can offer her the necessary practicality and commodiousness. Not only for moving and breathing properly, but also for dancing and having a good time the wedding dress must be both comfy and elegant. These fascinating Nicole Italy wedding dresses are surely able to make the bride feel and look special, unique, refined, feminine and cozy.

In general, Italian designers are interested in creating something that can flatter both the bride’s silhouette and her personality. A clever combination between light weight fabrics, sleek sensual silhouettes, dramatic bold cuts and innovative embellishments and embroideries is the secret of Nicole Italy’s wedding dresses. What we love the most about these precious outstanding gowns is the fact that they are highly accessorized and adorned without looking either too ostentatious, or too vanguardist and untraditional.

The classy feel and style are not sacrificed in these dresses in order to look more extravagant, contemporary or cosmopolitan. As we said before, both conservative and modern brides can find something to fit their expectations and their vision of the ideal look that they have in mind. We invite you to browse for more pictures and articles on various wedding dress themes on our website!11


  1. Mia Norton

    December 09, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Is it me or is something lacking here? None of the dresses seems catchy to me. They tend to be modern with a little come back from history, but the thing is they lack that I-don’t-know-what that would make a woman look both feminine and comfy at her wedding. The first dress, for instance… I would feel like I would have just come up from a fake cake and shout out loud: Surprise. And its all about the skirt. Going from one type of fabric to the other seems a little bit too abrupt, thus making the skirt missing its sensuality. Too bad, I kind of like the embroideries, though.


  2. tina

    December 13, 2010 at 3:14 am

    These are some exquisite wedding dresses. They are rich and at the same time flowing. I think every bride that has the boldness to wear them at they are wedding is a very strong yet very feminine person. The lace used is just amazing, the combinations of fabric and cuts are fabulous. The floral elements that I can see is one of the main feature for every one of them in a way or another is what make them even more elegant, romantic and fit for a wedding outdoors. I can just imagine myself wearing such a dress in a very romantic setting, worthy for a queen.


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