New York Bakeries For Delicous Wedding Cakes

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The wedding cake is undoubtedly a highlight at every wedding reception. If you want to amaze your guests with an incredible and unique wedding cake you must find a good bakery that is able to bake your dream wedding cake. New York is one of the top destinations for bakeries. Many extremely skilled bakers are ready to fulfill you every wedding cake wish.

A great bakery where incredible looking and delicious wedding cakes are made is Nana Pearls Wooden Spoon. If you are looking for delicious custom cakes made out of the finest ingredients with great care, thoughtfulness and personal attention, you should not hesitate to visit this wonderful bakery in New York.

New York Bakaries For Delicous Wedding Cakes

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Unfortunately they do not ship their wedding cakes and they only deliver in the New York City metro area (this includes New York, NY; Southern CT; Northern NJ and Long Island, NY). Another top bakery in New York is Pan de Sal. Their custom wedding cakes are incredibly beautiful and the taste is mind blowing. Even if you are not looking for a wedding cake you should visit this bakery and try one of their cakes. It’s for sure that you won’t regret it.

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Edible Bliss Confections is a cake and cupcake studio specialized in creating the perfect custom cake for every occasion. If you order your wedding cake here you are sure to get a unique looking and delicious cake which will be a memorable high – light on your wedding. Truffles Slice of Cake is another New Yorker bakery that offers you a large variety of wedding cakes. The bakers here can bake you a personalized cake not only for your wedding but for other events too. If a homemade cake is what you want, here you can get it. If great taste is what you want, The Hudson Cakery is the right bakery for you. Modern cake designs, only fresh ingredients, the passion for baking and the talent in decorating – these are the things that The Hudson Cakery is offering you.

New York Bakaries For Delicous Wedding Cakes

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One part sugar is another New Yorker bakery that we strongly recommend to you. It offers you top quality cakes made with the finest and freshest ingredients by experienced pastry chefs. Sweet Life Cakes is also a great bakery in New York specialized in creating unique custom wedding cakes. Sweet Life Cakes offer you high quality pastries made out of the best ingredients with love, passion and dedication.

The New Yorker bakery “The Art of Cake” creates wedding cakes that can easily be confused with a work of art. Using just top quality ingredients, they will create personalized wedding cakes with incredible taste and amazing design. If you are looking for a bakery that can bake you a beautiful wedding cake that tastes like homemade, then Grandma S Secrets is your destination. Here you can find delicious cakes made from natural ingredients, beautiful designs and great prizes. The cakes are so incredibly delicious that you won’t believe that it wasn’t baked by your own grandmother. These are just a few top bakeries in New York in which you can find unbelievable wedding cakes, but there are many more.11

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